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There are three tricks to effectively lose weight and quickly lose weight

There are many ways to lose weight. If you master the most effective way to lose weight that suits you, it will make your weight loss more effective. Today I will introduce to you the three moves are recognized as the most effective and fastest way to lose weight. If you are losing weight, you may wish to lose weight. You may wish to lose weight. Try.

1. Morning exercise

After the beautiful day starts, get up early, do about 20 minutes of bare hand, and do whatever exercises, but if you have rules, you must not stop and stop it after a while. It can be inspiring, but also to maintain a youthful posture and slim posture.

Second, salt therapy

First, soak the whole body with water with suitable temperature, then use coarse salt to fill the whole body, and then massage a bit of force to heat the skin until red. Generally, you need to massage for 5-8 minutes, and then immerse in warm water at 38 ° C for 20 minutes.

Three, walking

At about 45 minutes after meals, walk at a speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour. The calories consumption is fast. It is better to remind you that if you walk 2-3 hours after meals, the effect is better.


(Editor in charge: Lai Huili Internship Editor: Lingling Ping)

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