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There is a damage called “fake nutrition” breakfast!Don’t eat these 4 kinds

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I believe everyone has experienced

Don’t get up to eat breakfast

The time when the parents are dead -to -date Call

However, “I don’t listen to the old man’s words, loses in front of my eyes”

Do not eat breakfast, have a lot of harm

Common wrong breakfast matching

Cream bread on the market, Danish bread

And some colorful bread

Usually there are soft and sweet taste

Because it often adds a lot of sugar and butter

Long -term eating will endanger heart and blood vessel health

In addition, don’t be deceived by “breakfast milk”

Its nutritional value

It’s not as good as pure milk

The fritters are high -temperature fried foods

In addition to high calories, it is also difficult to digest


Many breakfast shop’s soy milk

Generally use ready -made soybean slurry powder

The sugar content in it is not only very high

The protein content cannot meet the needs of the human body

This breakfast is bad

It is because white porridge is mainly carbohydrate ingredients

Lack of protein

The content of pickled pickles is high

It may also contain too much preservatives

Snacks are high -sugar foods with low nutritional value

in addition

Wake up in the morning and be in a semi -dehydration state

All kinds of digestive fluid secretes insufficient secretion

It is difficult to swallow to eat dry food

The digestion and absorption of food are not good

How should I eat breakfast?

As an ordinary person

A qualified breakfast should include these foods

Stable + protein + fruits and vegetables + nuts

1. Stable

You can choose miscellaneous grain porridge, vegetable bags, sweet potatoes, etc.

These foods are rich in carbohydrates

Help to replenish energy

2. Meat egg milk

It is also an essential part of breakfast

These foods are rich in protein

It is a necessity for the body’s metabolism

3. Vegetables and vegetables

You can add some salad, boiled vegetables, etc.

It contains vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber

It helps maintain the normal function of the intestine

Reduce constipation risk


According to “Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2016)”, it is shown

We need to eat 50-70 grams every week

Therefore, it is recommended to eat about 10 grams a day

The following special groups

You need to make some adjustments


Sitting for a long time and watching the computer for a long time

It is recommended to choose low -fat and eye -catching foods


Children are in the period of growth and development

Therefore, pay attention to the supplement of protein and calcium

Past staple food+protein+fruits

Friends in this stage

Growing and development and learning have a lot of brain power consumption

Therefore, the calories of breakfast must be sufficient

Easy to digest staple food+protein+fruits

Old friends have weakened the digestive ability

Breakfast selection should be biased

Low fat, high fiber, and digestible food


Breakfast is not optional

There are a lot of knowledge for eating a good breakfast

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