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There is a kind of pain like a knife called “shingles”. These three types of people are easily stared at and treated in time

When I hear the words “shingles”, those who tortured it would shock, and goosebumps all over.


Last year, I got a large area of ​​shingles, and there was about 19 cm wide from the front to the back. I was very happy when the herpes were scabbing, thinking that the illness was getting good. I did not expect that the real pain started with the healing of the rash! How painful is it?

The first sense of pain: pain like a knife cut

It is like a 6 cm wide and 3mm thick sword pulling slowly at the mouth of the heart. As long as the body moves, it hurts.

Pain second sense: needle pain

The body is super painful when you touch anything, and even if you contact your clothes, you will feel like a steel acupuncture. This pain is like a small needle on the skin.

Pain III: Tear Pain

The heart of the heart is torn pain, and the pain of tearing the pain is as painful as it is tore from the body.

People who have not experienced it have never understood. The feeling makes people doubt life!

First, shingles, pain to doubt life!

Zospellings are common diseases of dermatology. They are caused by strap -shaped herpes virus lurking in human nerve cells for a long time. Generally, when the human body’s resistance is poor, it erupts, cause inflammation in the latent nerve cells, and then move to the skin to the skin Substation of blisters and erythema.

Why is it so painful after the shingles? This is mainly caused by “chickenpox-shingles virus” invading and damaging human sensory nerves.

Once the shingles occur, it takes 2-3 weeks from the local skin pain to the fading of herpes. This is also a complete process of virus raging and infringing nerves. Some patients will have very severe pain in the early days. When the pain occurs, the patient dares not breathe, everything is gray, can’t eat it, and feels better to die.

If it is not effective, the pain cannot be controlled in time, and the sequelae of neuralgia will be prone to leave.

After the rash with herpes zoster faded, local pain still lasted more than 3 months, and it was called the sequelae of the sequelae of the zoster. The typical symptoms of the postpartum pain of shingles are: severe pain, burning pain, knife cut pain, tingling, jumping pain, and not even touching the skin of the original herpes. It affects the quality of life and health of patients, and is even called “immortal cancer.”

2. Timely treatment is important. How to judge shingles?

After obtaining shingles, it must be treated in time, which affects the quality of life of patients in the future.

Early active antiviral treatment can reduce the severity and duration of the development of shingles, especially for patients with severe rash, medium to severe pain or irritating rash in the body. Herpes postpartum god menstrual pain occur.

But unfortunately, in the early stage, some patients did not find that they were suffering from shingles and missed the best time to treat. So how do we judge whether it is shingles?

Before shingling, there will be systemic symptoms such as mild fatigue, loss of appetite, and low fever. The skin has a burning sensation or neuralgia, and the tide is spots first, and then a cluster of pimples appear. Blinds arranged mostly occur on the side of the body. Early zoster nerve pain is mostly dull pain, jumping pain, or twitching pain, which is often accompanied by paroxysmal or persistent burning sensation.

In addition to ordinary people, some high -risk groups should pay more attention to early symptoms:

· Low resistance people

Zos herpes is usually induced when the human body’s immunity is low. Therefore, people with poor resistance and immunity are prone to shingles, such as elderly people, chronic diseases, and overworked people;

· Some sick people

Some people with certain diseases for a long time are also prone to shingles, because diseases can cause immunity, such as chronic diseases such as diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, leukemia, lymphoma and other cancers, chronic infectious diseases or infectious properties Disease, AIDS, etc.;

· Some people used

Long -term taking certain drugs can easily affect the immune system, such as steroid corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, arsenic and other drugs.

3. Scientific treatment, do not believe in prescriptions

Regarding the treatment of shingles, there are some prescriptions, such as washing medicines and ink, but these recipes could not only relieve the patient’s pain, but could cause inflammation, infection, and ulceration. Therefore, it is recommended not to trust the remedy, and the shingles should be received early treatment. “The Consensus of Chinese Experts (2018)” pointed out:

1. Anti -virus treatment

Anti -virus drugs are commonly used medicines for the treatment of shingles, which can effectively shorten the course of disease, accelerate the healing of the rash, and reduce the virus spread to the internal organs. Anti -virus treatment should be used 24 ~ 72 h after the rash. The anti -virus drugs currently approved include Agelovovir, Pancoswell, Gabolovovir, sodium methalotate, and bromododin.

2. Sugitic hormone therapy

At present, it is generally believed that during the early epistonic seizure of shingles, the system application of glucocorticoids can inhibit the inflammatory process, shorten the duration of the healing time and acute pain, but it is ineffective for the lapsea of ​​the seductivation of shingles.

3. Analgesic treatment

For mild and moderate pain, consider prescription drugs to relieve hydatinomy or treat neuropathological pain for medium to severe pain for acetaminophenophenophenols, curge, or non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs.

Extended: Who can take a herpes vaccine?

The prevention of the disease is greater than the treatment, and vaccination is an important means to prevent shingles.At present, the domestic -listed reorganized shingles vaccine is mainly suitable for people over 50 years old.However, the following groups are not suitable for vaccination: 1. Those who have severe allergies to be allergic to ingredients or after vaccination;

2. People who have never had chickenpox and have no immune to chickenpox;

3. Patients with shingles;

4. Women during pregnancy or lactation;

5. Patients with specific antiviral drugs 24 hours before vaccination.

All in all, after the symptoms of shingles, it must be treated in time. The delay will only add the condition and leave sequelae.You never want to have this experience!

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