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There is a pain called “oral ulcer”: only vitamins are not reliable, these three medicines are more practical

If you want to award the most unbearable disease in this world, “oral ulcers” are well deserved, and many netizens shared their own experience:



@水 水 水:

I had oral ulcers before the first five or six days before the menstrual period, and the menstrual period was two or three days. It has been like this for more than ten years, and it has died in pain.I started the previous year. I ran for an hour every morning. Unconsciously, oral ulcers were not committed, and I didn’t take any medicine.


I have been ulcer since I was born at the age of 24. For 30 years, I don’t want to talk when recurring. I am impatient who talks to me!It has been tortured by this illness for decades!

@太 太:

I have oral ulcers since I was a child. Now 38, in recent years, I have become more and more serious. When I am powerful, I have three times a month, at least 2 times. The old ones are not good.

Oral ulcers look like minor illnesses, and some people say “Isn’t it just getting angry?”But you may not know that oral ulcers may still be a sign of other “major diseases”.

1. Oral ulcers cannot be cured for a long time, and rare diseases are found

Mr. Xu from Sichuan has always been eaten.But in May last year, he suddenly suffered from oral ulcers. At first he felt that it was just a minor illness and healed it in a few days.But he never expected that he was not waiting for healing, but evolved from a ulceration to a mouthful of oral ulcers.

This makes Mr. Xu’s daily life a big problem. When you open your mouth to eat, you will feel a burning sensation and pain. It is accompanied by sleeping in his chest at night, coughing, and ears blocked.In this year and a half, he had not cured the disease when he had been to many hospitals. Because of the torture of the disease, Mr. Xu, who had been strong in the past, lost 62 pounds in just 2 years.

Mr. Xu couldn’t continue to endure this life and decided to go to a hospital in Zhejiang for medical treatment.After a series of examinations, the doctor found that Mr. Xu’s multiple organs were damaged, and the initial judgment may be rheumatism -related diseases.

After consulting by rheumatologist, Mr. Xu was diagnosed with a self -immune disease -granuloma polystone.

Coincidentally, 54 -year -old Chen also found a serious illness because of oral ulcers.

Four months ago, Lao Chen’s gums appeared ulcers, but he was not worried and thought he would be good.However, over time, his ulcer was getting bigger and greater, and he had proliferated erosion. When he went to the people’s hospital for examination, he was diagnosed with oral cancer 4 phase, which belongs to high -divide squamous cell carcinoma.

It can be seen that oral ulcers are not only clinically a oral disease, but also an important symptom of disease.

Second, why may oral ulcers be a sign of “major diseases”?

Oral ulcers, also known as “mouth ulcers”, common symptoms are lips, cheeks, and tongue. Circular or oval, with a diameter of about 2-4mm of mucous membrane damage, accompanied by swelling, pain, white, red, yellow, or gray, quantity, quantityGenerally within 5, it is mostly healed within 2 weeks, but it is easy to recur, and the incidence is higher.

Medically, the pathogenesis of oral ulcers is unclear, and there are many complicated factors, which are more common:

· Menstruation: hormone changes in the body during menstruation may induce oral ulcers;

· Immune factors: When mental stress, negative emotions, and lack of sleep, the body’s immunity will decrease;

· Infection factors: Because of certain microbial infections, ulcers are induced;

· Nutrition factors: lack of iron, zinc, vitamin B12, folic acid, etc.;

· Gastrointestinal factors: 30%of patients with recurrent oral ulcers suffer from digestive tract diseases;

· Genetic factors: Reproductive oral ulcers have a certain relationship with inheritance. If parents have a medical history, children may also be onset;

· Traumatic factor: the teeth accidentally bite the inside of the cheek, scratch them of hard food, etc.;

Because of the complexity of oral ulcers, if the patient’s ulcers have not improved for several weeks or months, they must go to the hospital for examination to exclude certain diseases.

3. If there are 4 characteristics, or “cancer ulcers”

In terms of nature, oral ulcers are divided into benign ulcers and malignant ulcers.Benign ulcers will not increase the chance of cancer, but the risk of cancer of malignant ulcers may be transformed into oral cancer.So, how can we distinguish whether the oral ulcers we have suffered from benign or malignant?There are mainly the following four characteristics.

1. Session time

Benon oral ulcers generally heal within 1 to 2 weeks and do not heal for more than 2 weeks. We must be alert to tuberculosis ulcers or early stages of oral cancer.

2. Color change

The normal color of the oral mucosa can be pink, white, and red.If black, brown or white spots, erythema may mean evil changes.

3. Facal change

Oral ulcer shapes are generally circular and oval, with clear and neat edges, smooth, soft touch, and obvious pain.Oral cancer ulcers are generally irregular in shape, unclear edges, granular, hard touch, and painless pain.

4. Accompanying symptoms

Oral ulcers will be accompanied by symptoms such as repeated bleeding, numbness, and burning sensation.Oral cancer may be accompanied by lymph nodes, especially the neck lymph nodes.

Statistics have found that oral cancer is 55 years old and over the aggressive group of middle -aged and elderly people. Smoking, drinking, chewing betel nut, chronic infection, and less intake of fruits and vegetables are all risk factor.

Fourth, cope with oral ulcers, not just vitamins

These medicines at home are the first choice for oral ulcers.

· Antibacterial and anti -inflammatory

Actinase contains sterilization, can sterilize and anti -inflammatory, and can also reduce swelling and hemostasis; compound chloride jet liquid contains dysentery, which can sterilize and accelerate ulcer healing, but it has certain irritation.· Vitamin

Vitamins can promote oral ulcer healing, and vitamin B2, vitamin C, etc. can be selected.

· Medicine

Watermelon cream spray, tin scattered, ice boron dispersion, etc. can all have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving discomfort, and promoting healing.


Oral ulcer patch, acetic acid dexamethasone sticky patch, etc., can form a “protective umbrella” on the oral mucosa, isolate external stimuli, and release drugs for treatment.

Here, Xiao Jiu will also rumors to everyone.

Many people think that oral ulcers are caused by the lack of vitamins, so every time they occur, vitamins are supplemented.But in fact, there are many incentives for oral ulcers. Lack of vitamins is just one of them. Blind vitamins may cause excessive vitamin in the body, which is not only unpleasant, but also causes the body.If the symptoms are not improved for about 3 days of taking vitamins, other methods are used.

Now that you know how to treat and distinguish the type, then understand how to relieve symptoms and prevention.

· A measures to relieve symptoms: use Darkononing spray or mouthwash before meals, spray it on the wound; rinse after meals; intermittent use of spray, dental membrane, paste; eating less spicy food.

· Measures to prevent oral ulcers: ensure sufficient sleep; avoid long -term negative emotions; drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables; keep oral hygiene, rinse your mouth after meals, and brush your teeth sooner or later.

Oral ulcers are not minor illnesses, and they should pay attention to their own health.Do you have any little tricks to deal with oral ulcers?Share it in the comment area ~

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