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There is a trick to discover tumors in the early days

Experts at the medical examination center tell us that health checks have become one of the important means of early discovery of tumors at this stage. The WTO proposed the “eight major alarm” of early malignant tumors. The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences proposed the “Top Ten Symptoms”, reminding everyone that when you find that there are some abnormalities in the body, you may wish to do individual examinations.

“Eight Police Numbers”

1. It can touch hard or hard changes on the body surface;

Second, when the original warts of the human body or the mole of the body surface change significantly, beware of malignant melanoma;

Third, continuous digestion is abnormal, beware of the occurrence of malignant tumors in the heart and intestinal tract;

Fourth, persistent hoarseness, dry cough and swallowing difficulties, be careful of the occurrence of malignant tumors of the pipeline department;

Fifth, the menstrual period is abnormal, major bleeding, menstrual periods, attention may be a gynecological malignant tumor;

Six, nose, ears, bladder or intestinal bleeding;

Seven, the wound that does not heal, or the continuous swelling, beware of whether the heart is the evil change or the transfer of the lymph, and the transfer of other masses;

8. The reason for unknown weight is alleviated.

“Top Ten Symptoms”

1. Any part of the body, such as the lumps of the breast, neck or abdomen, gradually increased in a short period of time, or it was relatively stable before, and now it has changed;

Second, any part of the body, such as tongue, cheek mucosa, skin, etc. There are no trauma, especially those who do not heal for a long time;

Third, women above middle age have irregular vaginal bleeding or secretions (commonly known as leucorrhea increase);

Fourth, the swallowing, soreness, foreign body sensation, or aggravating swallow of sternum when eating;

5. Dry cough or blood in sputum that cannot be cured for a long time;

6. Long -term indigestion, loss of sexual appetite, weight loss, and not found clear reasons;

Seven, the stool habits change, blood in the stool;

Eight, nasal congestion, unilateral headache or accompanied by restoration;

<!-1958: Physical examination terminal page

Nine, the mole suddenly increases or has ulceration, bleeding, and the original hair falling off;

Ten, painless hematuria, red urine, and no other abnormalities.

(Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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