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These 4 contraception methods are not reliable, don’t use it anymore

Masting abortion has a great harm to women. If there may be multiple abortion, it may cause infertility, so if you have no intention to have children, you must take contraceptive measures. There are many ways to contraception. Some contraceptive methods are very effective, but some contraceptive methods are not reliable. Everyone must choose the right method of contraception. The following contraceptive methods are unreliable, don’t use it anymore.

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Unreliable contraceptive method 1. Endogenesis of in vitro

How many women have heard of my partner and said: I shot outside, it’s okay. Endogenesis is actually a very unreliable contraceptive method. Because men have actually flowed out before ejaculation, the number of sperm is enough to make women pregnant.

In addition, in vitro ejaculation requires the man to have excellent self -control ability, and the failure rate is extremely high. In case of excitement, it will fail, let alone the success rate of contraception.

Unreliable contraceptive method 2. Safe -staged contraception

The so -called safety period is not so “safe”. On the one hand, some women’s menstruation is irregular, and there is no way to accurately calculate the safety and ovulation period. On the other hand, timely menstruation, the monthly ovulation period will fluctuate; Other people may remember the wrong time, and these diets have greatly reduced the success rate of safety contraception.

Unreliable contraceptive method 3. Common emergency contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives are a one -time emergency contraceptive measure for non -protective sexual life, and its contraceptive efficiency is significantly lower than conventional contraceptive methods. In addition, emergency contraceptives have a large dose and side effects will be relatively large, which may cause menstrual disorders and irregular bleeding. The most important thing is that emergency contraceptives should not be eaten more. It is recommended to eat less than twice a year, so emergency contraceptives cannot replace conventional contraceptives.

Unreliable contraceptive method 4. Incorrect use of condoms

A condom is a reliable contraceptive method, but if the condom is not used correctly, it will become an unreliable contraceptive method. The condom must be used for each sex life. It cannot be used in one set. It cannot be used when it is ejaculated, but it should be worn at the beginning of sexual intercourse.

The correct way of contraception is to protect themselves. Female friends must choose the correct way of contraception, and at the same time, the partner must be required to cooperate.

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