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These 7 things hurt the uterus, women should know

The uterus is one of the most important organs of women. The health of the uterus is also closely related to the women’s own health. Therefore, female friends must pay attention to protecting the health of the uterus, and especially pay attention to preventing the health of the uterus.

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1. Injustive sexual life


If sexual life does not pay attention to hygiene, bacteria can enter the uterine cavity from the vagina, causing endometrial infection. In addition, the stimulation of men’s foreskin to cervix is ​​one of the factors that induce uterine cancer.

2. Sexual life disorders

If women’s sexual life is indulgent, or sexual life is never adulthood, it is easy to develop cervical erosion or even cervical cancer.

3. During pregnancy and postpartum sex life


Sexual life is prohibited in the early pregnancy and two months before giving birth, otherwise it will easily cause abortion or premature birth and cause harm to the uterus.

4. Multiple pregnancy

According to statistics, women who have more than three pregnancy have more opportunities to suffer from uterine diseases than other women.

5. Repeated artificial abortion

Repeated abortion surgery, especially multiple operations in a short period of time, will cause great harm to the uterus, and it is also an important reason for uterine infertility.


6. Frax, multi -child

Due to the susceptibility of abnormal tires and multiple tires, endangering the safety of the uterus and women itself. If the abnormal and multi -child is found in the pregnancy test, it is necessary to cooperate with the doctor for treatment.

7. Ignore pre -delivery examination

If female friends do not have a prenatal examination during pregnancy, it is easy to ignore the abnormalities of pregnant women and fetuses, and severe cases will cause serious consequences such as difficulty or even uterine rupture.

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