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These behaviors are not right, no wonder children children have constipation!

Constipation is “unspeakable” by many adults, but unexpectedly thought that children would have constipation? If the child is constipated, it is also unbearable, but children will generally not express, and they will only choose to cry often. Parents should observe more children in their lives if they have constipation. When they occur, they must help the children to regulate their bodies in time. How to condition constipation in children? Let’s look down together.

1. Set the time of the child’s stool.

Children are essentially the same as adults, that is, we have always emphasized that adults’ bowel habits can also be applied to children. Many children have a casual and no fixed bowel habits. In fact, the formation of this bowel habit is closely related to parents. Parents may wish to pay more attention to the good habit of developing regular defecation, which will make children’s bowel movements normal.

2. Observe the child’s bowel movement.

After the child’s defecation, the parents have to observe the situation of the bowel movement. If it is lined up, it is relatively soft and shaped, it means that the child is normal. Under normal circumstances, it is generally the right frequency the next day or one day. However, if the shape of the bowel movement is blood or dry, most of them are constipation. It is necessary to find and treat it in time.

3. Give your child to the right milk powder.

In the case of long -term constipation, it is recommended to check the milk powder that children eat. At present, there are many protein content in many milk powder on the market. Many cannot be completely absorbed by children, and it is prone to indigestion. This is the phenomenon of children’s stool caused by the high calories of milk powder.

4. Add dietary fiber for complementary foods.

Children have not yet had the concept of nutritional eating, but they often pick up eaters because of taste preferences. Do not pay attention to diet must be wrong. Lack of dietary fiber in the usual diet is easy to cause children’s constipation. As parents, they must control the child’s nutritious diet, and they can add more dietary fiber to children as complementary foods.

The above is some methods to introduce constipation of children to you. I hope to bring a little help to parents.

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