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These cancers will be inherited!Parents have cancer, what should we do?

Today, the incidence of cancer is getting higher and higher, which has brought huge disasters to countless families.Not only did the patient suffer, but his children were helpless and confused about the unknown and confused about “I don’t know the day of the disease”.”Is cancer inheritance” has become a question of many people’s minds.Will cancer be inherited?Parents have cancer, what should we do?



First, not all cancers have genetic tendencies

Cancer has no wrong genetic gene, but not all cancers have genetic tendencies, but those who have the following common high genetic rate cancer should be noted!


    Breast cancer

    Breast cancer, also known as red -faced killer, is very likely to be inherited between direct relatives.Generally, the mother has breast cancer, and the daughter’s chances of breast cancer should be 2 to 3 times higher than others.

    These cancers will be inherited!Parents have cancer, what should we do?

    Nasopharyal carcinoma

    What’s more?

    Nasopharyngeal carcinoma has obvious racial sensibility, regional aggregation, and family tendency.

    Gastric cancer

    Cases of gastric cancer show that 5%to 10%of gastric cancer is hereditary, while chronic gastric cancer is the most.If a generation of a family has 1 or 2 people who are younger than 50 years old and have gastric cancer, then the possibility of future generations will be very likely to have genetic gastric cancer.

    Bowel cancer

    There is a disease called “family adenoma polyps”. It belongs to an autosomal inheritance and is easily developed into intestinal cancer.If parents suffer from colon cancer due to the above disease, their children are likely to be as high as 50%of similar cancers!

    Liver cancer

    The vertical propagation of hepatitis B virus can easily cause liver cancer with the tendency of families.Especially her mother carrying hepatitis B virus, then her offspring has a higher chance of suffering from liver cancer.

    These cancers will be inherited!Parents have cancer, what should we do?

Second, if parents have suffered from cancer, where should we go?


    Consider genetic testing

    Gene detection is actually to extract the human body DNA through saliva or blood collection, generate genetic testing of testers and their families, and analyze the tester’s DNA sequence, so as to infer the risk value of him or her.If there are relatives suffering from cancer in the tester’s family, it can further test and verify whether the cancer is genetically genetically genet.

    Actively intervene in living habits

    The risk of cancer depends on comprehensive factors such as carcinogenic genes, lifestyles, and environment, of which 70%~ 90%of the cancer originated from the latter two.Therefore, if you have a family history of cancer, you must stay away from the bad habits of smoking and alcohol, maintain healthy weight, pay attention to diet health, and exercise regularly.In particular, it is necessary to reduce the contact of chemical carcinogen (yellow mold in moldy foods, polygon aromatic hydrocarbons in smoked food, nitrate in pickled foods, etc.), reducing the risk of susceptible gene cancer.

    Regular cancer screening

    Genetic testing is just to let us understand the probability risk of a certain disease. If genetic testing is found to be positive, we must not blame ourselves. What we need to do is to screening regularly for early diagnosis and early treatment.In China, on average, 7.5 people are diagnosed with cancer. If cancer is screened, then you must adjust your mentality as soon as possible. Do not abandon yourself and try to defeat cancer!

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