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These factors are the culprit of natural abortion, and eating one thing can be improved.

I am an embryo in the body of a woman. From a small embryo, it slowly grows, and finally completes the October in the women’s uterus. Born becoming a real person.

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Don’t think that my growth in the women’s uterus will go smoothly. Many times my brothers and sisters will encounter various unexplained in the process of embryonic growth. If the expectant mothers can protect them properly, we will grow smoothly, but many times are quasined Moms lost us forever because of various accidents and improper protection. This is a sad story.

These factors are the culprit of natural abortion, and eating one thing can be improved.

The culprit leading to the embryo “run away from home”

For our embryo, once you enter the body of the expectant mother and enter the uterus, we hope to grow up smoothly and healthy, and strive to absorb nutrients to make themselves grow faster and better. Baby. But many times the sky is not willing, because of various reasons, it will cause us to stop growing in the uterus, and even leave the mothers, let the expectant mothers experience a painful abortion.

Uterine abnormalities

Many expectant mothers did not do a good physical examination before pregnancy. They did not know that their uterus was actually not suitable for our growth. It needs to be treated after treatment to become our “home”, such as uterine development abnormalities, such as twin uterus and uterus. Breiler, double -corner uterus, one -corner uterus, etc. These situations will easily cause prospective mothers to lose us in the early pregnancy.

In addition, if there is uterine fibroids before pregnancy, once pregnancy may stimulate the growth of fibroids due to hormone secretion, which will also affect the development of the embryo.

As your future children, we recommend women who are about to become mothers. Before preparing for cultivation, you must do a good job of physical examination. If you have abnormal uterine development or other diseases in the uterus, you must first treat the doctor’s suggestion after treatment. And start pregnancy.

These factors are the culprit of natural abortion, and eating one thing can be improved.

Insufficient endocrine function

Many expectant mothers know that once we start to grow in the uterus, it means that our bodies have entered the stage of pregnancy, and at this time, the hormone secreted by the body is different from the hormones secreted during the infertility. Our growth depends on progesterone, which is the support of luteal function.

In the first ten weeks of expectant mother’s pregnancy, the placenta that supports our growth at this stage is also developing. Therefore, whether our development and growth rely on ovarian secretion of progesterone and chorionic gonad hormones, until about three months of pregnancy, the placenta placenta In order to develop well, we can slowly get rid of progesterone, etc., and convert to the placenta to provide us with nutrition. Therefore, if there is insufficient endocrine function, it is easy to cause us to stop growing in the stage of the first three months of pregnancy because of not sufficient nutritional support, which leads to a natural abortion.

Once the expectant mothers have become pregnant through the inspection, they must check the endocrine function, and supplement the relevant hormones in time according to the doctor’s instructions to ensure our smooth growth.

These factors are the culprit of natural abortion, and eating one thing can be improved.

Qi and blood deficiency

Many expectant mothers do not know whether they are sufficient blood, nor do they know the effect of qi and blood on pregnancy. In fact, many women already have a condition of qi and blood loss during pregnancy and do not know. Although the physical examination found that there is no functional abnormalities in the physical condition, the result is still lost in the early pregnancy. It is very puzzled.

Qi and blood are very important for expectant mothers to get pregnant smoothly. Qi and blood support the normal operation of the body. When the mother -in -law is pregnant, the body needs to provide the nutritional supplement and development support of the two people. Women are more likely to cause insufficient qi and blood due to menstruation and other reasons. In this state Once you are pregnant, the lack of qi and blood affects the uterus to provide us with a good growth environment, which will cause us to lose our lives prematurely and leave the body of the expectant mother.

For women who want to prepare for pregnancy, do not start thinking about qi and blood after pregnancy, and should start qi and blood as soon as possible before starting pregnancy. For example, start taking compound gelatin in advance. For women who want to get pregnant and lack of qi and blood, insisting on taking it can improve the problem of qi and blood in the body, and smoothly let us bed and develop.

These factors are the culprit of natural abortion, and eating one thing can be improved.

Not suitable for pregnancy environment

Many expectant mothers think that their bodies have normal development, without the impact of other diseases, and no insufficient phenomenon of qi and blood, they can get pregnant smoothly, but ignore that their environment will affect our normal development. Some expectant mothers are in some working environments with a large number of chemicals, such as some chemical factories and laboratories. Once they are affected by chemicals such as lead, formaldehyde, benzene, arsenic Leave the expectant mothers.

In order to ensure our normal development, it is necessary to stay away from such an environment.

These factors are the culprit of natural abortion, and eating one thing can be improved.

External force collision

In the first three months of pregnancy, we were in the early days of our bed growth. At this stage, our growth was unstable, and there was no placenta to support us. Therefore, we are particularly easy to be affected by external force factors these three months. Essence If it is collided with some external forces, or excessively intense exercise, or when you are too bumpy when you sit in the transportation, it will affect our growth.

Therefore, in the early days of pregnancy, when our development is unstable, expectant mothers must be careful to protect themselves not to be collided with external forces.As a result, there are many factors that can not develop normally, and even “run away from home”. Many expectant mothers are not prepared before pregnancy. After pregnancy, not paying attention to protecting ourselves.Mother’s mother will hurt the mother and us.

In order to be the health of mothers, for our embryos to grow and develop smoothly, it becomes a new member of your family. Please do a good job of physical examination, supplement qi and blood, and protect yourself and us.

These factors are the culprit of natural abortion, and eating one thing can be improved.

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