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These four symptoms are reminding you that prostatitis has been obtained!

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Prostatitis is a disease that causes many young and middle -aged men. Because it is not only shy, but also loves repeated attacks.

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No, the number of prostate patients who came to see a doctor in the country have increased significantly, especially in patients with chronic prostatitis and patients with relatively stable early diseases. Most of them have recurrence. However, everyone is not too nervous. As long as the problem is found to be medical treatment in time, and the treatment of doctors can increase the chance of cure.

4 early symptoms of prostatitis

1. Urine stimulation

The main symptoms of inflammation or cystitis in the bladder triangle area of ​​the prostate are: the urethra has a burning sensation, accompanied by frequent urination and urgency symptoms, and the bladder neck shrinkage pain after urination.

2. Physiological dysfunction

Early prostatitis may also have symptoms such as decreased sexual desire, ejaculation pain, and increased sperm. A small number of patients have blood essence, or the sperm mobility is weakened due to inflammation of the vascular pipe, causing infertility.

3. The rear urethra has a burning sensation, a antivirus feeling

The anal and pussy pain extends to the waist, groin, upper pubic bone, testicles, etc. are also early symptoms of prostatitis, and may also radiate to the abdomen.

4. Eless urine

Due to the pressure of the bladder neck and prostate urethra, urinary resistance will increase, and prostate patients may have symptoms of urination and incompetent urination.

4 tricks to protect the “life glands”

As the saying goes, there is a disease and treating the disease, and there is no disease prevention. If you find that you are healthy, do not relax your vigilance. After all, “the disease comes like a mountain, and the disease is like drawing”. Prevention is also very important.

1. Avoid sedentary and urinating

For example, driving, riding for a long time, and sitting at work or meeting for a long time at work will cause the burden on the prostate to increase, make the prostate blood recharge, blood stasis, and the glandular fluid cannot be excreted smoothly, which will induce the emergence of chronic prostatitis.

2. Good living habits, don’t stay up late, drink

Drinking a lot of alcohol but not sweating and urinating, it is likely to cause acute prostatitis.

3. Regular husband and wife life

No husband and wife life, or long -term without a husband and wife, may cause prostatitis.

4. Keep a peaceful mindset and correctly understand prostate diseases

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Patients should be clear: First, only a few of patients with prostatitis will turn to prostate cancer; second, prostatitis will not be contagious, and it is not inevitable to have infertility.

Therefore, understanding prostatitis, do not be nervous, take positively.

In addition, experts reminded that urination is not considered to be urinating for 3 hours, and you don’t need to be too nervous. The age of 18-45 is the age of prostatitis. Men in this age must adhere to self-examination.

These four symptoms are reminding you that prostatitis has been obtained!
These four symptoms are reminding you that prostatitis has been obtained!
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