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These habits will be unprecedented in summer, male reproductive infections will be high

? Men are in a “inflammation encounter”.

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The strongest expert square array cope with reproductive infection summer peaks

In high temperature and tide, the male “Golden Triangle” has become a breeding ground for various germs to reproduce and spread, and various “inflammation encounters” come unexpectedly.

Summer is a period of high incidence of male diseases such as reproductive infections. In addition, the recent ball game is being played, and the behavior of sitting, staying up late, and alcoholism is even more popular.

In the midsummer weather, the defense of the male reproductive system was broken by the disease, and the phenomenon of frequent urination, urgency, difficulty in urination, perineum and lower abdomen pain, urethral swelling, and discord of husband and wife became more serious. Therefore, male experts Wang Yanhe, He Caichun, etc. formed an expert group to deal with the small peak of this wave of male diseases.

A stay up late, sweating and drinking reproductive system, there is a “inflammation”

Recently, the weather is stuffy. During the European Cup, fans often forget to drink water and move around. Local areas have been closed for a long time. , Cystitis, epididymitis and other diseases. If it is not discovered and treated in time, it can not only damage the reproductive organs and cause infertility. Some reproductive infections can also damage the important organs of the human body, brain, etc., and even cause death.

Organic experts remind male friends: If the body has frequent urination, urgency, pain, poor urination, and poor urination, there will be white secretions in the urethral opening after urination or when stool, and you must go to a professional hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible; if you are also accompanied by backache The perineal soreness and discomfort, impotence, premature ejaculation and other symptoms indicate that the condition is more complicated, and it is not sloppy.

Diagnostic suggestion: Merrier’s technology first check clearly

Reproductive infection is a set of diseases with sexual contact. Internationally, more than 20 kinds of infectious diseases caused by sexual or similar behaviors are included in the category of reproductive infection. More common reproductive infections include non -gonococcal urethritis, condyloma acuminatum, genital herpes, etc. In addition, urinary infections such as urethritis, balanitis, and cystitis are also disturbing. Therefore, in the face of male inflammation, we must first distinguish the category and identify the pathogen in order to be targeted and targeting treatment.

Each infection has a special pathogenic microorganism, and the diagnosis is the key to cure. French Merrier’s genetic chip technology, by detecting the pathogen DNA, analyzes the specific classification of this pathogen in high precision to judge inflammatory attributes. Then use gene urology infection rehabilitation technology. From the perspective of gene molecular biology, it destroys the gene biological chain of the pathogenia, enhances its own microbial virus virus virus and rapid cure.

B for a long time to sit with urine, cigarettes and alcohol prostate, “inflammation” is hard to do

Sitting in summer can easily cause prostate blood recharge, swelling, and inflammation. Especially sedentary sofas and soft chairs, long -term urination and excessive drinking will increase the chance of the incidence of prostatitis. Experts point out that the hips are trapped in the sofa, and the filling will be wrapped and compressed the scrotum, causing the venous vein to flow, and the blood microcirculation of the entire reproductive system is blocked and metabolized. This leads to the occurrence of sterile prostatitis and the worsening of various bacterial prostatitis. Prostatitis is extremely harmful to the human body. If it is not controlled in time, it will not only induce related urinary tract infections, but also seriously induce sexual dysfunction and cause infertility.

The incidence of prostatitis is high, the treatment is difficult, the recurrence rate is high, and the male dysfunction is easily triggered. It is understood that the general symptoms of prostatitis are lower waist pain, frequent urination, burning, pain, and difficulty in urination. People with different sexual dysfunction caused by prostatitis have different manifestations. They may have sexual dysfunction, low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, impotence, and some patients with symptoms such as nocturnal emission, blood essence, and non -ejaculation, leading to infertility. Therefore, symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, pain, and urination discomfort should be visited in time.

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Diagnosis and treatment suggestion: “Titanium Energy” breaks through the barrier to clean up inflammation

The “titanium energy” prostatitis superconducting therapy system, which is far greater than the power of the microwave in the body and the radio frequency of the body, uses a non -integrated method and does not contact the human body to treat the affected area. Due to the increased permeability of the inflammatory tissue, combined with titanium ions to break through the prostate membrane barrier, the drug is more likely to spread, the tissue absorption and metabolism are better, breaking the traditional therapy limitations, and achieving the purpose of comprehensive treatment of inflammation. If the conditioning of Chinese medicine is added, it will be more conducive to the consolidation of the effect.

(Editor in charge: Lin Liumei)

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