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These reasons make women easier to “tired” than men

A survey of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 15%of women and 10%of men have said they are “tired or tired”, and men and women between the age of 18 and 44 have further expanded 9%of men and 16%of women feel this.

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It can be seen from the results of the survey that women are more likely to feel “tired or tired” than men, and the cause of this result may be the following.

1. Women need to raise children

Nourishing young children is almost exhausted. According to the National Public Radio (NPR) report, 25 years old is the average age of women’s first fertility, which helps explain why the “fatigue” gap between men and women aged 18-44.

2. Women are equivalent to two jobs concurrently


Although we have always advocated “equality between men and women”, in fact, in family life, women still bear the responsibility of housework and raising children. For professional women, this is equivalent to having two parts of work and housework at the same time. “Work”.

3. Women always take too many jobs

The vast majority of women try to contribute everything to the people around them, and they do everything to fulfill their responsibilities and obligations, which will undoubtedly make them busy and tired.

4. Women are more difficult to put aside troubles

If women encounter annoyance, it will be more difficult to let go than men, and may even affect sleep.

5. Women are more likely to be nervous for a long time

Nothing can exhaust all your energy as every day full of pressure.

6. Women’s emotional low will affect sleep quality

Women may be 4 times more depressed and frustrated because they are even more tired.

7. Women have more economic burdens than men

Almost all American women have more efforts in their work than men. Many women are still incompetent even if they do not stop working.

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