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These symptoms remind you to watchrology immediately

After understanding the disease that the orrology can treat, everyone has to ask, “I don’t know what I have, and how do I know that I want to go torca?” So Li Haisong Studio summarized a series of symptoms related to male diseases. At first, if the patient has the following symptoms, he needs to be diagnosed.


(These symptoms remind you to watchrology immediately)

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1. Change urine changes: frequent urination, urgency, pain; urine waiting, inexhaustible urine, thin urine lines, forks for forks; urinary closure, urinary incontinence; labor effort effort

2. Change urine changes: hematuria, urinary pus, turbid urine, urethral secretions;

3. Symptoms of pain: waist, abdomen, perineum, pubic zone, anal, scrotum, groin, urethral, ​​testicles, penis, inside pain

4. Mask: testicles, epididymia, penis, vulva lumps or swelling

5. Fertility changes: infertility, wife’s habitual abortion

6. Character changes: semen with blood, yellowing, viscous, clear, large amount, and small amount

7, sexual function changes: impotence, yang strong, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, no ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation weakness, ejaculation pain, cold sex, sexual excitement

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8. Vulvar discomfort: itching, humidity, retraction, abnormal sensation, ulcer

Sex Blessing Classroom Expert: Li Hongjun

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