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These three “health foods” have no special effect on being blown to the sky!Don’t spend any money anymore

Set up a trap, which is intertwined, only seven days, they cheated a village!

On the first day, when they entered the village, the scammers successively sent some worthless daily necessities to the passing elderly, such as eggs, towels, etc. At the same time, I told the elderly to send gifts the next day and go back to tell other people in the village. Many people have a cheap psychology. Facing this sudden pie is naturally unavoidable;

The next day, the old people really pulled more people, and the scammers continued to send gifts to the elderly. It was more intense than the previous day. The old people were naturally happy;

On the third day, more elderly people came to the location of the scammers. The scammers started to sell health products, but today I just lectures, and I have not started selling goods yet;

On the fourth day, the goods began to sell. The scammer took out a series of “valuable” health products, which claims to be drugs that can prevent cancer and cure diseases. Faced with such high -priced products, the elderly naturally had a retreat. However, the scammers accurately held the elderly’s psychology, and informed that they could pay 1,000 yuan first. After returning to use, they were not satisfied with the refund.

On the fifth day, when the person on the previous day returned the return, the scammer did not refuse, and even gave a rich gift;

On the sixth day, more and more people come to place an order and wait for the next day to refund;

On the seventh day, the scammer had already held the deposit and ran the way …

Examples like this are not uncommon. The scammers’ fraud to the elderly can be described as pervasive. Many elderly people even do not know after being deceived. The trust of the scammers has reached a full score. What is the product?


First, what are the “health products” sought after by middle -aged and elderly people?

The United States refers to health products as “diet supplements”; Japan regards health products as functional foods, which refers to products that can be designed for special health; Australia directly lists health products as supplementary medicines, and as medical drugs need to be subject to medicines The Administration of Administration strict supervision.

my country’s “National Standard Health Food of Food Safety” pointed out that health products can help regulate human functions and apply to some specific people, but they cannot be used as drugs and treat diseases.

No matter which country in, it is clear that health products cannot replace any meals and treatment. At the same time, health products should not cause acute, subacute or chronic harm to the human body at any circumstances.

Liu Hongyu, the review department of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Management of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Management, said that health care products are a kind of food, and there is no legal definition of “health products” in my country’s food safety laws and regulations.

It is just that some ordinary people will collectively refer to health care products as health products. In fact, some healthy underwear, mattresses, and physiotherapy instruments, etc., can not be called health products in a strict sense.

Second, many people are obsessed with health care products, but they are actually useless at all

Modern people have a high attention to health, coupled with the publicity of some so -called health food on the Internet. Many middle -aged and elderly people and even young people are taking various health products every day. These health products may not work at all.

Grape seeds: Grape seeds claim to be antioxidant and anti -cancer to prevent human aging. In fact, this is just the result of the concept of stealing the concept of merchants. The antioxidant function of grape seeds is not too different from ordinary fruits and vegetables. It is sufficient to eat fruits and fruits normally, without additional grape seeds.

Whitening oral solution: The ingredients in the whitening oral solution are mostly vitamin C, cysteine, plant antioxidant substances, etc. These substances are very common in our daily diet and do not have magical whitening effects. It can be said that it is impossible to make the skin tone white through these ingredients.


collagen: There is a good barrier on our skin, collagen cannot directly penetrate and absorb through the skin, let alone collagen in the food. To really want to supplement protein, eating eggs in moderation is a good choice.

Composite vitamins: For some people with uneven dietary intake, proper vitamins have certain benefits for health, but for people who have sufficient nutritional intake, no additional vitamins are required, and they are too blindly too much. The supplement is not good for health.

Second, the three kinds of health foods that have been blown to the sky are actually pitting money and hurting

In addition to some of the above -mentioned health foods, there are many health foods that are known as “strange effects”. In fact, it is not too useful. Blind buying not only hurts money, but also hurts himself.

1. Why can Shouwu black hair black?

I believe that many people have heard of the saying that Shouwu can be black hair, so that many people’s first reactions when they have hair problems is to find products related to Ho Shouwu related products. As everyone knows, Ho Shouwu cannot be eaten blindly. It has strong liver toxicity, and blindly taking it may cause severe liver injury.

2. Can Cordyceps sinensis resist cancer?

There are also many rumors about Cordyceps sinensis. Many people even make it a puzzle of spiritual elixir, which can help prevent cancer. A study published in the “Cell” magazine shows that Cordyceps sinensis does not contain anticancer components such as cordyceps, which is completely pitted. 3. Can fish oil prevent heart disease?

In the rumors, the “health care” function of fish oil is also very large, and blood lipids, protecting the cardiovascular, regulating immunity, etc. are all right. However, whether fish oil has such amazing effects in the industry has not been clearly determined. If you can keep the fish twice a week in life, there is no need to add additional fish oil.


4. Understand 3 major scams for health products fraud and keep the “money bag”

The cases of deceiving health products are very common, and even many young people have been pitted. Next, Xiao Miao will take you to understand some common routines of scams.

Deception 1: From stars to experts, advertising propaganda is hidden

Many health products like to use stars and experts to promote, which directly increases the trust of many elderly people. But many times these experts do not exist at all, but scammers are fabricated to sell goods.

It is recommended that some people who recommend health care products under the name of “experts” to verify the authenticity of the identity of the expert in time. They do not know how to check themselves.

Deception 2: From discounts to free, long -term way of making money

Many health products are free or give away a lot of tourism, gifts, etc. in the early days of sale. After the victim’s trust increases, it will gradually start the asking price or let some of the health care products be good. At this time, there are many at this time. People will willingly pay for it.

The phrase “greedy for cheapness” is what everyone needs to keep in mind. There is definitely no lunch in the world. Do not be greedy for cheap.

Deception 3: From sales to family relationships, fraudulent emotionalization

There are also some health products salesperson who will play a family card with the elderly, and the meticulous concern to the elderly makes it easy for the elderly to pay for “pay”.

Most of these elderly people do not have children around them, and they usually do not have much contact with their children. Liar is particularly easy to enter at this time. It is recommended that children have more heart to the elderly, often contact and care for the elderly, and give the elderly a full sense of security, so that they will not waste feelings on scammers.

Health care products have always been a severe disaster -stricken area for the elderly. As young people, they must give their parents more popular scam -related knowledge. At the same time, they must give the elderly enough attention to avoid being deceived. Middle -aged and elderly friends must also keep in mind that treating diseases cannot rely on health products. Those health products that claim to resist cancer, cancer, and livelihood are just wanting to lie to you.

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