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This is the “early signal” of colorectal cancer!It may be too late to wait for the symptoms of blood in the stool

Colorectal cancer is a kind of tumor with a very high clinical incidence in recent years. Many patients with colorectal cancer went to the hospital for examination because they found that they had repeated blood in the stool. , Intestinal mucosa is broken and abnormal bleeding.



Sometimes due to the long time of bleeding, these bloods are mixed with stools after decomposition in the intestine, making the stool look dark, and sometimes the patients are discharged from the stool mixed with blood.

When such patients go to the hospital for treatment, most of them are already in the middle and late stages, resulting in the difficulty of treatment and a decrease in the chance of cure.

Therefore, the early signals from the body were found before the intestinal ulcer bleeding and blood in the stool. The early colorectal cancer was found in time, and the chance of cure will be much higher!

1. Abdominal pain

There are many causes of abdominal pain. For example, eating unhygienic foods cause gastrointestinal inflammation, which can cause abdominal pain, and pelvic disease can also cause lower abdomen pain.

After the cells inside the large intestine occur, the surface pain nerve tissue on the surface will be stimulated, which causes pain after abnormal spasm occurs in the intestine. This pain is not particularly obvious in the early stage, and it lasts for a long time. It will become more and more strenuous, more and more lasting.

Second, the defecation time changes

The intestine is responsible for deep processing and metabolism of food, absorbing the nutrients in the food, the remaining food residues will be converted into feces after entering the rectum, and finally discharge through the anus. If there is cancer cells in the large intestine, bowel movements will naturally be affected.

For example, a person defecates every morning or evening. The time is relatively regular, but after suffering from colorectal cancer, the defecation time becomes disorder. Sometimes it will defecate several times a day, and sometimes it will only be defecated every few days.

3. The nature of stool changes

The stools excreted by normal people should be yellow, with smooth surfaces on the surface, soft and hard, unless they eat dry hard and hot foods caused constipation. It may also be eaten, metamorphic, or metamorphic. Cold food causes diarrhea.

If constipation or diarrhea, or after anxiety, constipation, and diarrhea alternation, it will cause attention. This situation may be that bowel cancer is in the work.

Fourth, loss of appetite, weight loss

After suffering from colorectal cancer, the patient’s digestive function will weaken, so appetite may also deteriorate, and the insufficient nutrition of physical intake will make people become more and more thinner.

Not only that, cancer cells will absorb a lot of nutrients in the intestine to supply their own reproduction and growth. Therefore, in a short time, the patient’s weight will decrease significantly.

The above four are the signals issued by the body in the early stage of colorectal cancer in addition to blood in the stool.

These signals are easily mistaken for enteritis and bowel ulcers. I hope that everyone will go to the hospital to improve the intestinal, stool routine, and blood routine in time. If early cancer is found, resection can be treated through surgery, and it will be good in the later stage. Raising the body may achieve the effect of clinical cure.

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