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This kind of underwear is easy to cause infertility!Men should pay attention to these details

Fertility is a topic that many male friends pay attention to, especially in modern society with high pressure on life and work. Infertility is becoming more and more common. In addition to diseases and congenital factors, many daily habits will affect the fertility of men. Do you know which daily habits can cause male infertility?

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These habits are easy to cause male infertility

1. Long driving time

Sitting in the cabin for a long time, the perineum is oppressed, and the blood circulation deteriorates, which can easily cause the prostate gland duct obstruction. The prostate fluid excretion will cause chronic congestion and cause prostatitis. If there is bacterial infection at the same time, the condition will be more complicated, and the difficulty of treatment will be greatly increased. In addition, long -term driving may also affect the erectile function of sexual organs and shadow the life of husband and wife.

2. Three -containing underwear is endangering fertility

Testicles are the biggest victims of triangular underwear. Tight underwear will fix the scrotum on the abdomen, so that the function of the testicular mediation temperature will be greatly weakened, which will cause the testicular temperature to increase. Obstacles the process of sperm. Coupled with the blocked blood supply, the sperm in the testicles will also be destroyed and endangered.

In addition, the texture of the underwear also affects fertility. Men wearing pure polyester underwear or blended underwear, compared with men wearing cotton underwear, testicular temperature and plasma hormone levels are easily affected, and the number of sperm has dropped sharply. It can generally return to normal after the month.

How to choose men’s underwear? Large panties or loose flat -corner pants are a good choice, and it will not cause adverse reactions to cause testicles too much. The material is preferably cotton, and the color is best to choose light color to avoid excessive dye harm. It is best to use clean water and then wear them before you can wear water to minimize harmful substances.

How to scientifically prevent men’s infertility

1. Popularize hygiene knowledge and master the common sense of pregnancy

With the popularization of medical knowledge, sexual knowledge is no longer a mysterious thing. Male friends should also understand more scientific sexual knowledge, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of sexual organs and create favorable conditions for pregnancy.

2. Actively treat diseases that affect fertility

Preventing the principle of premature treatment and prevention of male infertility. For example, male mumps can easily cause orchitis. If it can be treated early and pay attention to rest, it can avoid the occurrence of orchitis, which can reduce the adverse effects of sperm and be conducive to conception.

3. Pay attention to self -protection

Some special work, such as contact with radiation, toxic substances, high temperature operations, etc., will have a certain impact on the fertility system. At work, we must take measures carefully in accordance with regulations to protect themselves and reduce the minimum influence factors.

4. Prevention in the mood is cheerful and reduce mental tension

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Born a child is the hope of many families, but often because of the eagerness of hope, it is difficult to get pregnant. In particular, those who are older or have not been pregnant for several years have greater mental stress, which interferes with neurological endocrine function.

Male friends must pay attention to developing good living habits to prevent infertility, so as to help you achieve “daddy”!

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