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This simple little trick may prevent child obesity!

A recent study by Pennn State (Penn State) shows that children who do not drink water do not drink water every day from sugar -containing drinks, which is nearly 100 calories higher than children who drink water. About one -fifth of children are aquatic children.

However, a years of experiments involving more than 1 million students in New York City Public School found that the installation of water dispensers in schools can change this situation. Automatic vending machines can increase children’s drinking water, reduce the purchase of sugar -containing milk milk, reduce the number of soda and juice brought to the school, and help prevent boys and girls from overweight.

But just telling children not to drink soda and other sugary drinks, but it is not enough to drink water. Schools and parents should make it easier for children to make such choices. Parents can follow the steps below to encourage their children to choose water:

Put frozen berries or grapes in a reusable transparent water bottle designed for small hands to make drinking water more interesting.

Frozen a small bottle of water and put it in their sports bags after school. During the day, the water melted, but when they reached out, the water was still cool.

When you recover the bottle water container purchased by the store, let your child keep the deposit.

When you go out for meals, choose water as a drink-you can not only save calories, but also save money.

Finally, set up the right example and drink water by yourself.

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