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Those common misunderstandings of semen examination

Many patients now have the following misunderstandings about semen examination.

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The first misunderstanding: The man is very healthy, and semen is not needed.

Affected by the traditional feudal thoughts, I felt that she could not give birth to a woman. The husband always blame his wife “a piece of salted alkali land, and there is nothing long!” Running, the man is unwilling to do the most basic examination.

The second misunderstanding: If the results of the semen examination are normal, that is the woman’s problem.

During the outpatient treatment, many husbands waited for the results of semen examination with uneasy mood. Once the test results indicator was told in the normal range, the president Chang Song told his wife: “I am good, I am good Yes, that’s your problem! “This kind of judgment is actually another wrong concept, because the results of semen tests can be given normally. The results of the routine semen can only have a general understanding of the quantity, odor, color, liquefaction time, and the number of sperm, activity, activity, and form in the semen. The completeness cannot be known. That is, we can only understand its “external image”, but it cannot know its “internal quality”. In addition, about 10%of all infertility couples are unknown infertility. All the examinations that the couple can currently do can be normal, but they cannot be pregnant. Some couples divorced because they could not give birth, and when he or she got married again, it was easy to get pregnant. Therefore, if the results of the semen examination are normal, after the woman conducts further inspection, if it is basically normal, the man will also conduct further inspection.

The third misunderstanding: just semen routine examination once.

It is often found in the male clinic that after getting the first semen routine examination report, some patients are anxious to know whether their situation is good or not, and can the woman get pregnant. In fact, the conclusion is too early. We know that the condition of men’s semen is very affected by other factors. The interval time with the essence and the last ejaculation, whether there is a sauna in 2 weeks before taking the essence, the drug that affects the vitality of the sperm, and the examination. Personnel machines and other factors are closely related. Therefore, a semen is sometimes correctly reflected in the real situation of semen. To this end, the World Health Organization specially requires routine semen inspection to be continuously inspected within 2 weeks before diagnosis can be made according to the results. Therefore, we should not rush to conclude after getting the report, especially the results are abnormal, and sometimes it must be clear after 3 consecutive times.

Completely understand semen examination

Regular semen examination should include: semen, semen liquefaction, viscosity, sperm count, sperm activity, mobility, sperm survival ability and sperm form. If you need to learn more about sperm survival, you should also check the ability of sperm to penetrate cervical mucus and the ability to resist various chemical factors. At present, it is more commonly carried out in routine semen examination, that is, check sperm counting, sperm activity, that is, the proportion and vitality of living sperm (that is, the ability to activate sperm), and sperm form.

The clinical significance of semen examination is to provide the cause of analyzing male infertility. For example, normal semen should be completely liquefied within 5-30 minutes after collection. If it is not liquefied after a long time (10 hours), it should be considered abnormal. The effect of enzymes. The normal semen volume should be 2-6 ml, 1.5-2 ml is suspicious abnormal, less than 1.5 ml is pathological abnormalities. For example, the lesions of prostate and seminal vesicles can cause a reduction in semen. In addition Different from the length of the excitement and the length of the sperm.

The range of normal sperm count is 20 million to 200 million per iconic/ml, and the general sperm count is less than 20 million/ml. Normal sperm activity should be greater than 50%, if less than 35%is abnormal. Normal morphological sperm accounts for 70%-80%. If the proportion of normal sperm decreases, it can also cause infertility. Men’s infertility caused by the clinical clinical veins caused by spermatogenic veins is often reduced in normal morphological sperm.

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Whether the result of semen examination is correct, the important ring is the collection of semen. Because the time and method of semen collection can affect the test results. Notice: 3-7 days before semen should be asexual activity. The semen is taken by the patient and sent to the inspection room within 2 hours. Pay attention to thermal insulation during the transfer process (roughly maintained in the body temperature). The semen should be placed in a clean and dry glass bottle, and must be all semen.

One point must be pointed out that the sperm count of a normal man’s sperm count is very large, and the results of each inspection cannot be the same, that is, it cannot be concluded by the results of one inspection. Clinically, 2-3 semen is used for testing in 2-3 weeks to comprehensively analyze its results.

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