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Three causes of babies with particularly many feces

After the baby wakes up, the corners of the eyes are full of eyes. When the eyes are too much, they even stick the eyelids, making the eyelids difficult to open, and sometimes there are eye feces during the day. What’s going on? Is the baby’s eyes sick?

Suspicious cause one: conjunctiva inflammation

After the baby is born, many parents are afraid that their children will be cold, so the room temperature at home is often higher, and bacteria are easy to reproduce. In addition, newborns will unconsciously rub their eyes with their hands, and they are prone to conjunctivitis symptoms such as increased eye secretions and eyelid conjunctival congestion. If severe bacterial infections, or colds and fever occur, symptoms such as increased secretions, increased tears, and eye congestion will be more obvious, and the skin of the eyelids can be swollen.


★ Local drops of antibiotic eye drops and eye ointments can improve symptoms, and conjunctiva washing can help the inflammation fade.


Before dripping eye drops, the secretions of the diseased children should be removed. If the baby has symptoms such as dry stool, yellow urination, and thick tongue coating, it can be treated with Chinese medicine with clearing heat and diarrhea, and eliminating stagnation.

★ Drink plenty of water for your baby, and pay attention to the effect of observing the milk powder you edible on the baby’s digestion function.

Suspicious cause two: neonatal lacrimal vestritisitis

Neonatal lacrimal vestritis is caused by tear ducts and nasal and cause of tear liquid. Because the embryoic residual membrane at the lower end of the nasal and cause is not degraded, the lower end of the nasal and tear duct, the tear and the accumulation of tears and bacteria accumulated in the skin of the inner corner of the eye. In the bag, a secondary infection. About 2%to 4%of the full moon newborn has this kind of residual film, most of which can shrink from 4 to 6 weeks.


The baby’s tears increased, and the tears of tears formed on the lower eyelid margin increased. The skin at the corner of the inner eyes raised a small block. After the liquid was squeezed, the block could be temporarily disappeared. If a bacterial infection is infected, yellow and white secretions often appear at the corner of the eyes, and yellow and white purulent secretions can overflow at the squeezing raised raised.


★ Massage the tear sacs and nasal sore ducts from the root of the nose to the nose, increase the pressure in the pipeline, and promote the break through the pipeline. When combined with bacterial infection, anti -infective treatment is given. ★ When massage and conservative treatment are invalid, exploration can be performed after anti -infective treatment.

Suspicious cause three: gonococcus purulent eye disease

Gonococcal purulent eye disease is caused by gonococcus infection. The incubation period is 2 to 4 days. It is often due to gonorrhea due to mothers. Newborns are infected when passing through the birth canal. Usually, the eyelids of children are extremely red and swollen, and they are almost unable to open, and there are a large amount of purulent eye feces. If the treatment is improper, corneal ulcers will even cause corneal perforation, and even the risk of blindness.


★ Usually when the newborn is born, the hospital uses a 1%silver solution to light the eyes to reduce the infection rate of the newborn.

★ Penicillin drugs are effective for this disease. In order to avoid cross -infection, systematic treatment should be performed at regular hospitals to avoid delaying the condition.


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For breastfeeding diseases, mothers’ diet has a greater impact on their health. During breastfeeding mothers should maintain a balanced nutrition to avoid foods that are too dry and fatty.

★ Clean the baby’s hands and trim the nails of adults and babies regularly, which can reduce the chance of bacterial infection.

(Editor in charge: Deng Qi)

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