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Three-drug!Doctor reminds: Daily medication, keep in mind 4 words, 6 sentences

Cold is the most common disease. Once there is a cold symptom, most people will go to the pharmacy or find a small pill box at home and take some cold medicine.

But sometimes it ’s not right to eat, and the cold is not cured, but it may cause greater trouble. Not long ago, Xiao Jiu heard from a pharmacist that an old man took a cold medicine into an emergency.

The old man was 75 years old and had been hot and runny for two days. After taking a cold medicine herself, the symptoms were relieved, but the cough was worse. After going to the hospital, the doctor prescribed two medicines, one oral capsule, and one was a oral capsule. liquid. The old man took medicine on time, but there was no urination that night, and he had to be sent to the urgent clinic and inserted the ureter.

Which part of the section has caused the elderly to suffer so much?

It turns out that the old people taken by themselves and the two medicines prescribed by the doctor themselves contain the ingredients of chloro -phenyl sensitivity in Malaysia, which is the poker sensitivity we often say. The total amount of poker sensitivity of three medicines in one day has reached 20mg!

Poemin can help relieve allergic symptoms such as tears, runny nose, sneezing, but also at the same time. At the same time, it also has anti -choline effects. After large doses, it has diastolic bladder and other urethral smooth muscles, causing urinary retention. That is, the elderly cannot discharge normally when they encounter urine.

In my country, which is parallel in Chinese and Western medicine, 90%of people take two or more cold medicines at the same time, and 70%of people will take one or more Chinese medicines in colds.

In this way, some ingredients are easy to accumulate repeatedly, and once it exceeds the standard, it may cause a health crisis. For example, the ingredients of acetylphenols common in cold drugs, in my country, 80%of non -prescription anti -cold medicines contain the ingredients of acetylphenol, and even some Chinese medicines contain this ingredient.

Cold medicine is too common. It is common to do not treat it as a medicine, but after all, it is a medicine. Before taking it, you must keep in mind four words: reasonable medication!

How to take medicine reasonably? Xiaojiu summarized 6 small knowledge points!

First, read the drug manual before taking medicine. The taboos, validity periods, effective ingredients, and dosage of drugs must be paid attention to.

Second, don’t think that Chinese medicine is equivalent to safe and non -toxic side effects. In fact, many adverse reactions are unclear. You must follow the doctor’s advice or read the instructions carefully before taking it!

Third, when taking a variety of cold medicines, it is necessary to see the active ingredients and avoid repeated use, especially the word “compound” in the name, pay special attention.

Fourth, go to the hospital after taking the medicine on your own. Be sure to tell the doctor that you can take those medicines before. If you can’t remember, you can choose to take a pill or take a picture.

Fifth, the elderly, children and other groups should be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Sixth, don’t take health products as medicines!

Did you write down these medication skills?

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