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Three games for children to think about three games

◆ A game of divergent thinking of multiple effects

Play the game “If …”. For example, you can let your baby think about: “If the flowers in the world are white, what will happen?” “If you can fly, what will happen?” “If everyone wore the same clothes, what would happen? “For example,” Little fish swim in the water, and no one is swimming in the water? “” The birds fly in the sky, who else is flying in the sky? “

◆ A variety of divergent thinking games

Let the children change things, they will prefer to think more, such as what is better to look better, something is more interesting to run quickly, and what is bigger can make people feel happy. You can also use the plasticity of rubber puree to make your baby do all kinds of small things.

Because of the restoration of rubber puree, parents can let go of letting the baby freely play and boldly create. If necessary, provide your baby with some auxiliary materials such as toothpicks and feathers, so that the baby will make your own brain: the rounded mud is inserted around the toothpick is the sun, and the feather is a chick. While the baby is successful, he will create more actively to cultivate his divergent thinking.

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◆ Differential thinking game of one question

Inspired the child to answer a variety of questions to exercise his divergent thinking: for example: let the child answer: “What is the use of handkerchiefs?” “What should I do after getting lost?” What do you do? “Design some interesting questions with a variety of solutions to let children think. If he asked him to come up with more than 10 ways to make hot soup quickly cold in 10 seconds; imagine how many ways to go home if you lose it in the store.

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