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Three HPV vaccines, can you find out what is the difference?

As a dermatology disease, HPV has a very high infection rate, and HPV is also very harmful to the human body. Generally, HPV will appear features such as papillary tumor and granularity. a bit. So far, the World Health Organization has developed three types of HPV vaccines, which are two types: two -valent, four -valent, and nine -prices. They can also buy related HPV vaccines in Mainland China. So which groups of these three HPV vaccines are suitable for? Let’s take a look.

Three HPV vaccines, can you find out what is the difference?

HPV vaccine type:

Binary vaccine

The binary vaccine contains L1 proteins that prevent HPV16 and type 18 viruses, but it is only suitable for women between nine and 25 years old. It can be bought in Mainland China in 2016. This one can be bought. Although the binary HPV vaccine is the first type, it has a very high virus rate of type 16 and 18 types, which has reached 98%.

Quadravalent vaccine

The quadrilateral HPV vaccine can prevent 16 viruses of type 16, type 18, 6, and 11 types. It is suitable for men and women aged 20 to 45. The prevention rate is as high as 99%. Compared to the binary HPV vaccine, The quadrilateral vaccine has increased by another height in preventing HPV. This quadrice HPV vaccine was also very popular when it was just listed in the Mainland. After all, it is a new HPV vaccine after the first two -price vaccine. The effect is naturally much better than before. enlarged.

Nine -valent vaccine

Nine -valent HPV vaccine can effectively prevent 16 sub -type HPV infections of type 16, type 18, 6, and 11 types. The prevention rate is as high as 99%. The pre -cancer lesions have a prevention rate of more than 95%. This nine -valent HPV vaccine has reached an unprecedented new height on preventing HPV viruses. I have to say that the research of HPV vaccines has gone further and farther.

Three HPV vaccines, can you find out what is the difference?

At the same time, some people will have some side effects after a binary vaccine, such as redness, swelling, pain, dizziness and other phenomena on the body. At this time, they will be very worried. There is no great burden and impact on the body, but if the situation is serious, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Furthermore, if pregnant women are pregnant during pregnancy, they must remember that they cannot be able to get HPV vaccines, because HPV vaccines are not good for fetuses, such as causing problems such as slow growth after birth. In addition, people who allergies such as protein should also remember that they cannot get HPV vaccines, because the HPV vaccine contains protein. If this vaccine is used, it will cause allergic reactions and cause burden on the body.

Three HPV vaccines, can you find out what is the difference?

After seeing so much, do you know much about HPV and HPV vaccines? In fact, a person’s body is a very large organization. There are many places to be studied, and this is just one of them, but this only has a great impact on our health.

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