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Three kinds of cancers that can “hide” are very “hidden”. Even in the late stage, there are no obvious symptoms. Many people don’t know

Lele’s father is an old smoker. He has been smoking since he was young. The age of smoke has been 22 years old. He said “smoking is harmful to health”. When the family sees him smoking, he will come forward to persuade him. It is not easy for addiction to quit.

After a long time, the family members are too lazy to care. Furthermore, it is no different from his body and ordinary people. He has never seen him coughing or any abnormalities, but in the end, he was found in advanced lung cancer. Confused, even suspected that the hospital was misdiagnosed.



1. Not all patients with advanced cancer will have obvious symptoms

1. esophageal cancer

According to statistics from the National Cancer Center in 2018, China is one of the highest incidence and mortality rate of global esophageal cancer. Many people don’t take it for granted. Because, compared with esophageal cancer, internal organs have a lot of attention, such as lung cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, etc., people’s physical examination of internal organs is significantly higher.

Esophageal cancer is actually closely related to lifestyle habits. If you don’t pay attention to the long -term, you will cause damage to the esophagus to form tumors. Therefore, once the esophageal cancer is found, it is basically late.

2. pancreatic cancer

After the pancreatic, the digestive enzyme secreted by the pancreatic is an important factor in the digestion of the human body. Therefore, the pancreas has a great effect on the human body, but it is often ignored because of its small volume.

The formation of pancreatic cancer has a great relationship with gallstones. The gallstone is prone to premature pancreatic liquid blockage, which causes pancreatitis. If it is dysfunction, it will have cancer risk. In addition, the volume of pancreatic tumors is small. Generally, ultrasonic endoscopy is required to be more accurate. The discovery time is generally late, resulting in a higher mortality rate.

3. Ovarian cancer

Women’s chances of suffering from ovarian cancer are very high. This modern female pressure, poor environment, and poor habits have a lot to do. Even some girls have unclean sexual life and have long -term gynecological diseases, which has greatly increased the chance of ovarian cancer.

Some people have rough lines in their lives, and they have obviously have abnormal situations, but they have not attracted much attention. They delay the time of inspection, thus missing the best treatment time and causing misfortune.

2. Pay attention to the 4 signals of the body to avoid being violated by cancer cells without knowing it

Abnormal bleeding

Bleeding is divided into internal bleeding and outpatient. Outbestion refers to bleeding caused by trauma on the surface of the skin. As long as this bleeding should pay attention to the infection, there is basically no major damage. However, the situation of internal bleeding should be paid attention to. Generally speaking, internal bleeding may be urinary tract infection, rectal cancer, and endometrium cancer. Once it occurs, it is necessary to check in time.

Frequent fever

Fever is the process of “struggle” in red and white blood cells in the body, and it is also a manifestation of inflammation. Moderate fever can effectively improve the active effect of white blood cells to achieve strong body effects. However, long -term frequent fever can cause inflammation in the body and even have the possibility of cancer. It is recommended that people who have a long period of time or short -term frequency must be checked to prevent intensive diseases.

No reason to lose weight

Slimming is a state of envious of many people, but if it is not deliberately losing weight, weight loss is actually a bad thing. Because weight loss in a short period of time is basically physical problems, and one of the symptoms of cancer is weight loss.

People with cancer, cancer cells in the body urgently need nutrition, and cancer cells are in the process of crazy cracking. Therefore, human nutrition is occupied by cancer cells, and weight loss is inevitable. Once people who do not lose weight suddenly lose a lot, they need to seek medical treatment in time.

Abnormal lump

The mass is generally a local swelling caused by body blocness. This situation often occurs when physical discomfort, and once the body improves, it will subscribe. If the lump is in a more sensitive place, such as abdominal, underarms, breasts, necks, etc., whether it is rubbing or exercise cannot be eliminated, this must be checked in time, which is likely to be a cancer reaction.

How to prevent cancer?

Cancer is actually the phenomenon of cell change. To maintain the normal operation of the cells, you must have good living habits, including eating habits and schedule habits. The diet is as diversified as possible, and carnivorous and vegetarianism are relatively extremely unfavorable healthy ways to eat.

The correct diet should be diverse, the taste is light, protein and cellulose are the main, and other trace elements are assisted. In terms of work and rest, it can only be done on time and on time. For example, the sunrise and the daily interest, which means that the sun should get up when the sun rises. When the sun falls, you should rest and eat three meals on time.

Finally, you must pay attention to exercise! Exercise is the best way to promote body blood circulation and improve qi and blood, and has no side effects.


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