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Three kinds of exercise suitable for people with high blood pressure, please move blood pressure!

Hypertension is a health problem that plagues hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Due to the excessive competition and pressure of modern society, the hypertension that is considered “elderly disease” has also experienced a younger trend.

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Like controlling high blood sugar, in addition to taking medicine and controlling diet, hypertension can also help reduce blood pressure through exercise.

These exercises are suitable for people with high blood pressure!

1. Walk

For patients with hypertension, walking is a very suitable exercise. It can significantly reduce the diastolic pressure of patients with hypertension, which is very good for reducing blood pressure. Moreover, the intensity of the movement of walking is not great. For patients who do not want to exercise too much, it is more appropriate. For patients with hypertension, every morning and evening are a good time for walking. Do not take too long for each walking time. It is the best for about half an hour.

2. Jogging

Jogging is also a more useful exercise for patients with hypertension, but this kind of exercise is suitable for mild hypertension patients, and patients with severe hypertension are not suitable. If you persist in jogging for a long time, the pulse of patients with hypertension can stabilize, reduce blood pressure, and improve its digestive function. For patients with hypertension, it is enough to hold jogging for about 30 minutes each time.

3. Play Tai Chi

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In the park in the morning, we can often see such a phenomenon. Many elderly people in the park gathered in the park to play Tai Chi. This scene will make people laugh. At present, the incidence of hypertension is very frequent among the elderly, so for these elderly people, to reduce blood pressure and exercise, playing Taijiquan is a very good sport. First of all, Taijiquan has little exercise intensity and softer, which is very suitable for these hands and feet to be less flexible and older. Secondly, the sporting range of Tai Chi is relatively large, which can reduce systolic blood pressure and play a role in lowering blood pressure.

Although exercise is good for patients with hypertension, exercise should not be appropriate. If exercise is not allowed, it will not be possible to strengthen the body and reduce blood pressure for patients with hypertension, and may even increase blood pressure. So for patients with hypertension, pay attention not to exercise too much during exercise. It should not be too long for exercise time. It is best to do a 10 -minute warm -up preparation for exercise before exercise.

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