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Three kinds of foods that friends who lose weight must not touch

Salads don’t think that a vegetable salad is a weight loss food. In fact, the vegetables itself will not make people gain weight, but the salad sauce in the vegetable salad cannot be underestimated. Jump.

For example: French salad seasoning, the calorie of the main nutritional ingredients contained in this kind of food per 2 spoons is 134 calories, while our daily demand is about 2000 calories, its fat is 12.8 grams, and our daily needs is about 66 grams. Similarly, the Italian salad seasoning contains 137 calories per 2 spoons, and the fat is as high as 14.2 grams. In contrast, the pork spine meat is 204 calories per 85 grams (1.6), and the fat content is 11.1 grams, which is less than the fat content of salad sauce.

Suggestion: Put less salad sauce, or simply raw cucumber to reduce fat intake.

Beer friends dinner together or when singing, beer is inevitable to help the role. However, drinking only one can of beer a day will get 7 kilograms of weight after a year. This is why beer is called liquid bread, and people who drink beer often get a heavy beer belly. In addition to the calories in the beer, there is almost no nutrients, so except for making you fat, it is not helpful for health. If you want to taste beer, it is best to taste it. Do not develop the habit of drinking beer every day, and do not drink before going to bed. Beer has a diuretic effect. Drinking before going to bed can cause a large amount of water accumulation and cause frequent urination at night.

Suggestion: Use beer to put food. After heating, most of the alcohol has evaporated, which can not only add the fragrance of the dishes, but also avoid the high calorie burden brought by alcohol.

Canned fruit juice knows that vegetables and fruits contain many rich vitamins and minerals, but they are too lazy to eat fruits. Since you don’t eat fruit, use fruit juice instead. However, with fruit juice instead of fruit, it is not enough to ingest enough minerals and vitamins. This is because many minerals and vitamins have been lost during the process of making fruit juice. The remaining vitamin C will also decrease due to the factors of light.

If you look closely at the marks on the juice, you can find that most of the juice is concentrated and restored, and it also adds a lot of sugar. Therefore, if you think that drinking fruit juice is more nutritious and comes into a can every day, the high sugar points in the juice will increase you by 12 kilograms after a year.

Suggestion: For the sake of body and health, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is definitely the only rule of maintaining the figure.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu, intern editor: Zhang Yingxiu)

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