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Three methods to help children develop good eating habits

The baby is an important stage for the development of some habits during the age of 1-3. Good habits must be grasped from childhood! So how to cultivate your baby to develop good eating habits? The editor summarized the following three methods:

1. Cultivate healthy eating habits


Children have been observing your behavior, and it is no exception when eating. You can choose healthy food, drinks and snacks to do fun sports activities with your children to set an example for them. Choosing a healthy and natural food on the table is a good way to write a role.

May wish to ask your child to purchase and prepare food together. Prepare healthy meals for their families, they will be happy.

Take meals as an opportunity to learn, and check what kind of food categories are available together to see what kind of nutrients and vitamins do need.

2. Pay attention to pay attention to breakfast

Many families need to hurry in the morning, but the first meal ensures a balanced diet every day to help children get important nutrition of growth and development, such as calcium and fiber. Try to replace the nutritious ingredients such as pure yogurt and fresh fruits such as pure yogurt and fresh fruits, which will also extend the child’s fullness.

3. Arrange interesting activities

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Children need at least 60 minutes of sports activities every day, which can arrange activities that the whole family is involved, such as walking or swimming after meals. It can also be improvised, for example, when you hear the favorite songs, you jump up with your children. It is also important to encourage children to restrict the time to sit down and watch the electronic screen (the World Health Organization recommends that children aged 2-4 watch the electronic screen a day at a time of no more than 1 hour), let them move, and put it in the game that needs activity. middle.

Incorporating healthy food and interesting activities into daily life will not only help promote children’s development and improve their health, but also lay the foundation for them to develop a healthy dietary habit.

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