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Three notes that endanger men’s “lower body”

What is “penile hazard trilogy”?

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The skin of the penis or normal men’s penis is thinner. The skin of the head of the penis near the penis is folded into double layers inward and covered on the penis, which is called foreskin. The foreskin of newborns and babies has a slight adhesion on the head of the penis. This adhesion is gradually disappeared until the age of 1, and the foreskin and the penis head are naturally separated. Therefore, children’s foreskin looks longer, which is not abnormal. If the penis head is still unwilling to reveal, or if the penis head is tightly wrapped in the foreskin in childhood, you must pay attention.

Excessive phimosis and foreskin are inherently abnormal development. The phimosis refers to the too small in the puzzle, and the foreskin cannot be revealed to reveal the penis head. If the foreskin is too long, the foreskin is covered with all the penis head, and the foreskin is not small. You can barely reveal part of the penis head. If there is a phimosis and foreskin for too long, the penis head cannot be revealed, then this “harmful trilogy” will be played.

Questions about foreskin dirt

The nasty foreskin dirt is just like the skin of each part of the skin will secrete sebum, and the sebaceous glands of the foreskin will also secrete sebum. Because the foreskin with too long foreskin or foreskin cannot be turned upwards, these sebum accumulate in the gap between the inside of the foreskin and the penis head. At the same time, urine will also penetrate into this gap. Chemical reactions with these sebums have become foreskin and produce odor. The long -accumulated foreskin dirt will become a hard block, making people mistakenly think that it is a “tumor”.

Foreskin is a chemical carcinogen. Many experiments have confirmed that it has a strong carcinogenic effect, such as in vaccination with a horse’s foreskin in mice, which can cause a malignant tumor of the skin. Employers to vaccinate mice can also induce cervical cancer of female rats. Modern medicine has confirmed that the specific hazards of foreskin dirt are as follows: -The directly stimulate the head of the penis to induce reckless cancer. ——The inflammation of the foreskin and penile head and long -term inflammation stimulation can cause deterioration of local tissue cells in the penis. ——The environmental environment with a harsh head of the penis can induce carcinogenic lesions of many penile cancer, such as penile horns, penile papillary tumors, condyloma acuminatum, penile white spots, proliferative penile erythema, etc. Penile cancer.

How is penile cancer germinating?

The fierce penile cancer is under the “prelude” under the long “prelude” of the phimosis and foreskin. After the “main theme” of the foreskin, the “variation orgasm” of penile cancer will appear quietly. This is a terrible “orgasm” because penile cancer is the A disease that can take away life. One day, especially at the age of 50-60, an inexplicable mass appeared on the head of the penis. It does not hurt or itchy, but grows like a cauliflower-like, highlighting on the surface of the penis, and also changes the penis. The surface of the lump will also ulcerate, both smelly and many secretions. With the development of the disease, the nearby lymph nodes increased, and the cancer cells were metastasized to the liver and lungs, and life was threatened. Of course, doctors can take surgery and other methods to cure early penile cancer.

Cut off these lesions before playing!

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Since this “dangerous chain” began to be too long in the phimosis and foreskin, the prevention of the prevention was not occurred, and the “prelude” was cut off, and a “Harm Trilogy” could not be played. The Jewish nation was performed on the 8th day after the baby was born, so there was almost no occurrence of penile cancer; Muslim Islamicists were also performed in the age of 4-10 for children. reduce. Isn’t these examples fully explaining the problem?

(Intern editor: Li He)

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