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Three precautions for the elderly taking strong drugs

The physical resistance of the elderly is not as good as young people, and it is vulnerable to the disease. The most occurred is cardiovascular disease. Once the harm of cardiovascular disease is severe, it is very serious. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the health of the elderly in life. It should be noted that Qiangxin medicine has the effect of enhancing myocardial contraction and increasing heart emissions. It is a commonly used drug to treat various chronic heart failure and certain heart surgery. There are also some precautions for the elderly with strong medicine. It is best to go to the doctor in time after the patient’s illness. Under the guidance and suggestion of the doctor, use the medicine correctly.

Three precautions for the elderly taking strong medicine:

1. Select the medicine correctly

There are different types of Qiangxin medicine. Although the nature of the effect is basically similar, their role intensity, fastness, and maintenance time are very different. For example, the ocean yellow is a kind of slow and strong medicine, and the time to play the treatment effect after orally, but the metabolism and excretion in the body are also slow. Therefore Patients with chronic heart failure of heart medicine.

Di Gaoxin is a medium -speed and strong medicine. After orally, it starts to take effect faster than the ocean, but the time it is excreted after entering the body is relatively fast. It is suitable for patients with acute heart failure, but patients who need to maintain drugs orally.

Westland is a fast -hearted medicine. After taking the medicine, the effect of strong heart is relatively fast, the metabolism and excretion in the body are fast, the accumulation is small, and the duration of its effect is short. This drug is often used in intravenous injection and is suitable for critical emergencies.

2. Strictly grasp the dose and time of medication

Qiangxin medicine should follow the correct use of the doctor’s order. You cannot increase or reduce the dose at will. You cannot take the one -day medicine at one time or missed the administration. When taking Qiangxin medicine, you should also pay attention to potassium chloride. Heart failure is not directly related, but it has a certain effect on preventing poisoning of strong heart medicine.

Third, be wary of strong drug poisoning

Qiangxin drugs are mainly extracted from plants containing strong peride of the heart, so medical drugs are called Qiangxin glycoside. Because the therapeutic dose of Qiangxinides is close to 60%of the dosage of the poisoning, it is prone to poisoning reactions when the medication is improper, or when the potassium excretion and urine are used at the same time. It is manifested as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. The central nervous system reacts: manifested as headache, dizziness, yellow vision (yellow when looking at things), or green disease (green when looking at things). Heart response: manifested as a variety of arrhythmia. Therefore, all the symptoms of poisoning of poisoning are encountered, if the heartbeat is slow, the arrhythmia is uneven, and the color sense is abnormal, the medicine should be discontinued at any time.

39 Health network warmly reminds that strong heart medicine has the characteristics of slow excretion, easy to accumulate, very close to the dosage of the treatment dose, and various factors such as physical differences. It is prone to strong heart poisoning in clinical practice.

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