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Three treatments for bronchitis

Bronchitis refers to chronic non -specific inflammation of bronchial, bronchial mucosa and its surrounding tissues. With the continuous development of society, bronchitis is a relatively common disease now. The disease often occurs in patients of all ages, and as the age changes, the symptoms shown at the time of illness are also available in the disease. Different, so we must actively understand some common sense of this disease. Here are several treatments about bronchitis.

1. Generally treating the adjustment of rest, the temperature and humidity of the catering room, etc. For details, please refer to “upper respiratory tract infection”. Babies must often change their positions to make the breathing channel secretions easily discharged. Due to the frequent cough hindering the rest, it can give a cough medicine, but it should be avoided to suppress the cough of the secretion. When acute bronchitis causes spasm and causes dyspnea, the light patients refer to the following traditional Chinese medicine therapy “real heat asthma” treatment.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine is called exogenous cough. Due to the different pathogenic factors, clinical clinical is divided into wind cold cough, wind and hot cough, and solid heat asthma. The rule of law is mainly based on the wind and the cold, clearing the heat and the lungs, and reducing the heat and asthma. Can be treated with clinical syndrome differentiation.

(1) Wind and cold cough: Based on sudden cough, sound cough is mainly frequent, sputum is thin, nasal congestion, runny nose, itching or accompanying headache, cold or not fever, moss white, pulse floating. Treatment with Xinwen to solve the table, dispersing cold and cough. Commonly used Xing Su San addition and subtraction.

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(2) Wind and hot cough: coughing is uncomfortable, sputum is mainly yellow viscous, dry throat, dry nose plug flowing yellow, or hot sweat, tongue coating slightly yellow and white, pulse floating number. Governing Xin Liang’s solution to the lungs and cough. Commonly used mulberry drinking and subtraction.

(3) Real thermal asthma: In addition to the above symptoms, the child has a higher fever, and it is accompanied by smooth asthma. Govern the lungs to reduce phlegm, and lower the panting. Mo Xingshi Gan Decoction is commonly used.

3. Other treatments For bronchitis, daily tea therapy can be treated with health care, ancient tea therapy of ancient Chinese medicine, based on the theory of “medicine and food homology”, such as ancient. Ganbei grass | tea, nourishing neutral qi, clearing lung heat, and disappearing gas to dispel gas. Sputum can better help prevent recurrent bronchitis.

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