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Three types of adult drinks do not drink for babies

After babies add supplementary food, some parents are used to eating a bite of adults or drinks for their babies during eating. In fact, this approach should be avoided as much as possible. Among them, babies drinking adult drinks are harmful to the growth and development of the baby.

1. Stimulant drinks: such as coffee, cola, etc., which contain caffeine, which is excited about the central nervous system of the child and affects the development of the brain.

2. Alcoholic drinks: Alcohol stimulate children’s gastric mucosa and intestinal mucosa nipples, which can cause damage and affect normal digestion. Alcohol has a damage effect on liver cells and can increase transaminase in severe cases.

3, soda: Inner soda, neutralize gastric acid, is not conducive to digestion. Stomach acid decreases and is susceptible to gastrointestinal infections. Side also contains phosphate, which affects the absorption of iron and can also become anemia.

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