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Three words that can’t be said between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law

1. “Mom, you don’t understand …”

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This is the most common sentence when young daughter -in -law dealt with housework or take care of children. Maybe it’s nothing in your eyes, but this kind of words hurt the hearts of the elderly most. Although she may not understand, this does not mean that she is unable to be capable, unknown, and it cannot affect her right to own her son and grandson.

But your sentence “You don’t understand” completely excluded her outside the incident. In the eyes of my mother -in -law, you are telling her clearly: “Don’t mix it if you don’t know anything.” If you want to improve this Layer relationship, it is recommended to change this sentence to “Mom, please tell me …”

2. “My baby …”

Many mothers who love their children often say “what about my baby” in front of her mother -in -law. However, once this word is heard by her mother -in -law, it may cause a battle of mother -in -law. My mother -in -law murmured: “What my son and my son, the baby is still my old grandson of the Li family …”.

Therefore, although there is no fault with a strong sense of belonging, it makes her mother -in -law feel the crisis. If you want to avoid this kind of contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, Xiaobian suggested that you change your words to “Your grandson (your granddaughter) …”

3. “Your mother …”

For most daughter -in -law, it is almost impossible to treat her mother -in -law as a mother. For example, after making a mistake in her own, my mother -in -law will never say to you like my mother -in -law, “really a silly child.” Therefore, when many daughter -in -law chats with her husband, she often turns “how your mother” into oral words.

And my mother -in -law heard you call her in this kind of discourse, and the psychology must be particularly unhappy. Therefore, as a daughter -in -law, it is best to call a few more “our mother” to enhance the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.

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