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Three years pregnant?After pregnancy, it will be “stupid”

As the saying goes: “Three years of pregnancy.” Many pregnant mothers will find that since pregnancy, she seems to be “stupid”. What is going on?

What is pregnant?

The symptoms of “pregnancy silly” are mainly the forgetfulness of the pregnant mother, difficult to concentrate, slower ideological processing ability, and even dizziness. But please note that this is not to say that the pregnant mother will really become “stupid” when the baby in the belly. This “silly” is due to the change of hormones in the first three months of pregnancy. At this time, hormone progesterone has risen steadily. The thyroid level has also begun to decline.

Therefore, physiological changes have led to symptoms such as forgetfulness and decreased thinking ability of pregnant mothers, and it is not a problem with the brain. As for when pregnancy, such symptoms are not determined, because the physical condition of each pregnant mother is different, the symptoms have different time.

Why is a woman “stupid” after pregnancy? It is the body’s hormone is making a monster

The changes in expectant mothers during pregnancy are really large, especially the huge changes in hormone levels in the body, which is even more intense like a roller coaster. Some British scholars have found that the estradiol content in women in the third trimester is 30 times the highest level of her menstrual cycle during pregnancy, and at the same time, the pine in her body is equivalent to the level of a patient with depression. These hormones provide necessary material guarantees for the growth of the fetus and even childbirth, but it is not necessarily good for mothers. Under the influence of these hormones, the brain capacity of pregnant women will even decrease, and women’s brain capacity will be reduced by 4%during pregnancy.

In addition, changes in hormone levels naturally affect the mental state, so it will make people feel sleepy and lack of energy. During pregnancy, the blood flow of pregnant women increases, the load increases, and has been in a state of load.

How should pregnant mothers prevent “pregnancy stupid”?

1. Diet remedy, eat more brain -healthy food

From the beginning of pregnancy, in addition to learning to relax, you must also take care of your own diet. For example, you can add some foods (DHA) foods to your diet. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can eat some puzzle foods such as deep -sea fish oil or nuts. Such foods can improve memory or the baby’s brain whether The development of the ministry has a certain promotion effect.

Some pregnant mothers live in inland areas. What should I do if it is difficult to contact deep sea fish and seaweed ingredients? It can also be added directly to DHA in the maternal formula milk powder and some DHA products.

At the same time, it is worth noting that foods rich in α-linolenic acid are also helpful to adhere to dried fruits such as linen seeds. Because α-linolenic acid can be transformed into active DHA in the human body, although the Harvard Medical Academy Lipid Research Center found that the conversion rate of alpha-linolenic acid into activity DHA is relatively low, but adherence to long-term consumption is also helpful for us of.

2. The family cares, the husband should take more family responsibilities

When women are pregnant, the system of the whole body is to meet the needs of pregnancy, fetal growth and childbirth, and many complex changes will occur in terms of physiology, psychology, mental, diet, and treatment. If the wife’s pregnancy reaction is severe, the husband should be considerate to do some light and delicious things to condition his wife’s appetite; if the wife’s emotional sensitivity loves to lose his temper, the husband should be more considerate. After all Will feel fear.

When the child is born, the original schedule of the new mother has been completely disrupted. The life of the new mother is not distinguished day and night. For example, changing diapers and feeding children in the middle of the night. Under such a fatigue and stress state for a long time, the reaction of the new mother will also become slower. With sufficient sleep protection, forgetfulness will gradually improve.

If you wait or have the dad who have already turned right to help your wives, try to let the new mothers have more time to rest and adjust, and use a supporting and understanding attitude to let the mother know that they are not “fighting alone.”

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3. Relax, “pregnancy silly” will soon disappear

Several studies abroad have found that due to women’s pregnancy, fertility and lactation hormone fluctuations, this fluctuation can reshape the brain and increase the neurons in certain areas of the brain. At the same time, the challenge of giving birth to a child is very great, which is stimulated by the brain. Driven by the brain change, the sensory ability of mothers can be improved, and even a weak smell and voice can be identified by their babies.

The decline in the temporary memory is the result of the attention of expectant mothers’ attention, and it is also the process of reshaping the brain under the action of hormones. After 6 weeks after giving birth, the mothers adapt to the mother’s role and all their living habits, and the memory Beginning gradually improved. It can be seen that the saying that “having a child for three years” is actually unscientific, and the “cleverness” of mothers will also come back.

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