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Timely hemostasis-learning to bandage is important

Block the wound with a bandage, the purpose is to fix the gauze covering the wound, fix the fracture or contusion, and have the effect of compressing the bleeding, and can also protect the affected area.


1. Circle method:

This method is mostly used in parts with equal body threads and limbs. First overlap the bandage ring. The first circle is slightly oblique; the second and third circles are circulated, and the first circle is obliquely out of the corner of the ring circle. , Then knotted.

2. Snake -shaped method:

This method is mostly used for fixation of splints. First, the bandage is wrapped in the ring method for several times. Press the width of the bandage obliquely or tangled.

3. Spiral form:

This method is mostly used in the same places of limb thickness. Press the ring -shaped method first. The upper circle is covered with one -third or two -thirds of the front circle.

4. Spiral anti -folding method:

This method does not wait for physical thickness. Strang up by the ring method first. When it is entangled to the gradual thick, the bandage of each circle will be folded and covering one -third or two -thirds of the front circle. Wrap from bottom to top.


1. The essentials of playing bandages are, don’t be too tight or too loose. Otherwise, it will cause poor blood circulation or loosen the gauze. If you do n’t have experience, after you have a bandage, see if there is any cold and swollen body, etc.

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2. Do not be above the wound or behind the body when knotting.

3. In the absence of a bandage, you must use towels, handkerchiefs, sheets (torn into narrow strips), and long tube nylon socks, etc. instead of bandaging bandages.

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(Intern editor: Pan Yingxian)

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