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To do these points, it is no longer difficult to sleep well during pregnancy

For many expectant mothers, it is a luxury thing to sleep well during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, how to sleep, it feels wrong, so I have a comfortable posture. Ask Du Niang, right, right Children are not good.

In this way, every night, I am over and over. I ca n’t sleep well. I can tolerate it. The most important thing is that expectant mothers are worried that their sleep quality is not good, which will affect the development of the fetus. So how can I sleep well during pregnancy, expectant mothers can try the following methods.

Develop the habit of nagging during the day

In order to alleviate various discomfort during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can choose to sleep 1-2 times during the day, about half an hour each time, because if it takes too long to sleep, it will affect sleep at night.

Appropriate exercise

Moderate exercise during pregnancy can effectively improve the symptoms of difficulty in sleeping in pregnant women and improve sleep quality. Exercise can also alleviate anxiety during pregnancy, especially stretching exercise to help stretch muscles, eliminate muscle tension, and soothe back pain during pregnancy. Steady intestinal motility after exercise can also help digestion and effectively alleviate constipation during pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant mothers best exercise time, and you can choose morning and afternoon.

Keep emotional stability

After pregnancy, the expectant mother became very sensitive, and her emotional fluctuations were relatively large. At this time, expectant mothers should learn to adjust their mood, relax herself, and do not let the emotional ups and downs too much. If the emotions of expectant mothers are always ups and downs, they must not fall asleep safely at night. It is recommended to drink a cup of hot milk or take a hot bath before going to bed to help relieve tension and make the mood smooth.

Don’t eat too much before going to bed

Whoever eats too much before going to bed will rise and can’t fall asleep. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not eat too many things before going to bed, especially greasy foods, so as not to cause indigestion and affect sleep.

Choose the right pregnant women’s pillow

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Pregnant mothers were not sleeping well, especially in the third trimester, various discomforts, it is difficult to find a suitable posture to fall asleep. In fact, pregnant mothers can use the pillow of pregnant women to fall asleep. Using a pregnant woman’s pillow can not only reduce the reflux of the gastric spouse, but also effectively avoid poor breathing, so that the fetus can get better blood supply.

Nourishing life is really great. From the beginning of pregnancy, it is destined to be a lifetime! May every expectant mother, every mother, can be happy and safe!

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