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Top 10 precursor pictures of uterine fibroids


There are no 10 signs of uterine fibroids. The symptoms of patients with uterine fibroids have a certain relationship with the parts and sizes of fibroids, which can be manifested as lower abdominal pain, increased menstrual flow, and abnormal secretions.



There are many causes of uterine fibroids, which are mainly related to various factors such as eating habits, age, genetic factors, and hormone levels.If you often do not pay attention to your personal diet and eat foods with more estrogen for a long time, it may cause the body to be affected and induce uterine fibroids.Some patients are older, which may lead to physical metabolism disorders and uterine fibroids.If there are uterine fibroids in the family, the possibility of uterine fibroids will increase.If hormone changes in the body, the vigorous secretion of estrogen may stimulate the uterus and cause uterine fibroids to grow.


Asymptomatic fibroids are not rush to treat. Symptoms can be treated with drugs such as Liang proprilin, rice non -sisterone, and surgical treatment if necessary.

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