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Toys can promote the baby’s perception improvement

Toys are the tools of the game, the game is inseparable from the toys. The game is the nature of the baby. Toys are the prerequisite for the material of the game. The baby must not play with the toys. Fulu Bell, the world’s “father of early childhood education”, means the baby’s toy is “grace”, and designed a series of toys for the development of the baby’s development.

The famous Italian educator Meng Thalie believes: “The essence of children is work (activity), work is game, toys are materials for children’s work. With toys, their work will not fail; if they have toys, they can cause interest in children’s work to work interest in work. Only then can you focus on learning, and can also help its self -constructing and neurological development. The provision and application of toys is directly related to the effect of children’s learning. “

Mr. Lu Xun once said, “The game is the angel of children. We must pay attention to the growth of children, we must pay attention to children’s games; to pay attention to children’s games, we must pay attention to the toys used by children.”

In fact, looking at the history of Chinese and foreign preschool education, it can be clearly seen that if you emphasize preschool education, you don’t pay attention to the educational value of toys. Contemporary pre -school education research and practice have also fully proved that toys have an irreplaceable promotion effect on the development of baby cognitive ability.

Promote the improvement of perception ability

Perception is the main way for babies to recognize outside things and grow knowledge.

In the middle period of young children, because the speech ability is still relatively low, the information obtained by the baby is mainly through the image information obtained by perception, and the toys stimulate the baby to contact the baby with various senses with their vivid exaggerated image and bright and bright color. In the process of contact with toys, the baby has strengthened the sensibility and observation of the senses through watching, ear listening, taste, and hand -touching toys with different materials, and promoted the improvement of perception.

Parents should create a rich environment for the baby at home. The preparation of toys should consider the characteristics, size, and shape of the toys. Toys with different colors and relatively obvious contrast for the baby should be prepared. The size of the toy should take into account the baby’s height characteristics.

In addition, in the process of contacting the baby with toys, parents should strengthen the guidance of the baby’s ability to perceive the baby, so that the baby can “jump” to the apple. If you can guide your baby to touch the velvet, silk, and plastic toys to let him talk about feelings.

Take a look, let him see the color of the toys, let him choose the toys that you like to play, which is more depth of the toy color, so that the baby has a preliminary consciousness of the color.

Let’s make him feel the weight of the toy, and let him raise a balloon and a large building block, and talk about which one is heavier.

Promote the development of the baby’s language

Toys itself is a tool for baby expressions. Compared with the language symbol system that agreed in the society, toys are the “language” that babies are more handy. Toys are a “word -free book”, it is more like a “teaching outline” or an open “textbook”, leaving a large space for learning and imagination for learners, stimulating the baby’s desire to express it, for the baby’s expression of desire for expression Baby expresses a suitable language environment freely.

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The baby develops his oral language in the process of playing toys. The baby between the baby and the communication of the gameplay have made their language improve in the subtle way. “Can I play your car?” “Can I join the game you play in the building?” “Can I use my little pig to change your duckling?” “Yes.” “Okay.” Play. “” I’m playing, wait for a while to play with you. “The two babies’ conversations can see the use of polite words. They use polite words so appropriately.

Babies will have a large number of “self” phenomenon in the process of contacting toys. And these “self -speaking” production has a role that cannot be ignored for the development of the baby’s language.

For example: When a daughter is playing in the “Doll House”, she will pick up a cloth doll, put it on a small stool, and smile to her with a smile, “The doll is beautiful, but it is not beautiful yet. Dress the doll as beautiful as Jiajia. “Jiajia started wearing a small dress for the cloth doll. “Stretch your legs, raise your hand, just pull your clothes, and your mother is obedient when he says this. The clothes are ready.” Jiajia can not only see the rules and logic of the language during the dialogue of the Buba baby dialogue. , And also used the language of my mother to wear my own clothes to wear cloth dolls.

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