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Traditional Chinese medicine detailed acupuncture weight loss methods and recipes

Which recipes are most suitable for acupuncture to lose weight. Acupuncture weight loss is welcomed by many weight -loss people because of painless pain, no side effects, and simple treatment methods. Acupuncture to lose weight is to stimulate some acupuncture points of the body with the method of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, to achieve the role of regulating endocrine, and finally achieve weight loss. Traditional Chinese medicine pointed out that acupuncture to lose weight is not like diet to lose weight, but also needs to cooperate with a certain diet. So, which recipes are more suitable for eating during acupuncture? The following editors will be introduced in detail:

Acupuncture weight loss recipe

Breakfast: 1 boiled eggs, 300ml of fresh soy milk, or 250ml of fresh milk.

午餐:在瘦猪肉、兔肉、瘦牛肉、鸡脯肉或鱼肉中任选一种进食150g,再配上蔬菜150g,蔬菜可选择芹菜,白菜,绿豆芽,海带,竹笋,莴苣,韭菜,茄子Onion, four seasons beans, cowpea.

Dinner: 100g of cold cucumber, 350g of shredded lettuce, 100g of tomatoes after one hour after meals, or 100g of carrots and cucumbers.

Acupuncture weight loss recipe 2

Breakfast: 250g of fresh milk, three quail eggs, 200g of cold cucumber.

Lunch: Steamed catfish or 200g of carrot -roasted beef, 300g of fried soybean sprouts, a copy of pea soup, and a copy of cold rape.

Dinner: 250g of braised rabbit meat, 300g of fried spinach or other seasonal greens, 100g of cold radish shredded, or 100g of celery, 250g of fruit strawberry after meals.

Acupuncture weight loss recipe three

Breakfast: boiled eggs, a part of tofu brain, and 100g of dried kimchi or radish.

Lunch: 300 grams of stir -fried beans, 300g of mushrooms, 300g of rabbit meat, or 300g of fried lotus white, a portion of tofu soup, or a melon soup.

Dinner: 00g of boiled shrimp, 100g of cold carrots, 200g of stir -fried beans, or 100g of cold mung bean sprouts, seaweed soup, 100g of tomatoes after meals.

Secondly, the method of losing weight of acupuncture also gathered:

One of the pins

Acupoint: The main acupoint is Guan Yuan and Sanyinjiao.

Acupoint: Take it according to the dialectical type.

It belongs to the spleen deficiency and dampness belt: inner customs, water, Tianhu, Fenglong, lack of lack, and spleen.

It belongs to the damp and heat inner prosperity: Quchi, Zhigou, Da Heng, Four Man, Inner Tribunal, and Abdomen.

Affiliated to the imbalance: Zhigou, medium injection, pulse, blood sea, Shenshu, Taixi.

Operation: Every time the main point must be taken, and then 3 to 4 according to the symptoms. Each time is left for half an hour, once the next day, 15 times for a course of treatment, each treatment interval for 5 days.


Acupoints: The main acupoint is Tianshu, Zhongxuan, and Da Heng.

Acupoints: Quchi, Hegu, Paste, inner court, Sanyinjiao.

Operation: Tianshu, Dan Heng connected to the needle, and then power on for 15-20 minutes. It obtained once every other day every day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

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