Traditional Chinese medicine fried and teach you 3 tips

Chinese medicine is different from western medicine. Most of them need to be fried before taking. Whether the frying steps and operations have a great impact on the effect of the medicine. Therefore, when frying traditional Chinese medicine, pay attention to the texture of the medicinal materials. Whether the utensils are right. How can I cook traditional Chinese medicine correctly? Let’s take a look at it together!


Pay attention to these details of Chinese medicine

1. The medicine can must be washed

When frying Chinese medicine, the medicinal juice is concentrated due to the evaporation of water, and a layer of medicine is often accumulated at the bottom and surroundings. If the cooked drugs in the medicine tank often change, and do not wipe the accumulated downs in time. When the new drugs are cooked, the dirt will dissolve, interfere with, reduce the efficacy, and even misunderstand the condition. Especially if you have been cooked with highly toxic drugs or external medicines that cannot be imported, you may also cause poisoning.

In addition, if you do not scrub the Chinese medicine in time every time, the dirt at the bottom of the medicine tank is getting thicker and thicker, and it is easy to fry when re -frying the medicine and lose efficacy.

2. Whether it is stamped with the medicine

Generally speaking, in order to fry the Chinese medicine, it is best to cover it. In particular, traditional Chinese medicine containing volatile components, such as mint, Huoxiang, perilla leaves, etc., and fry it in a short time to avoid volatilization of active ingredients. Some valuable medicines, such as ginseng, velvet antler, wolfberry, etc., so that the effective ingredients are fully released.

Some Chinese herbal medicines are lightweight and large, such as money, grass, white grass, white -passing grass, loofah, and vuled beard, so it is not advisable to cover it, otherwise it often overflows the tank. You can boil and stir at any time.

3. “Fry” and “dry”

“Frying” is to fully release the effective ingredients of the drug. This is the basic requirement of decoction. Drugs that are tough and difficult to release for a while. Only by frying, frying first, long -term fried, can the medicinal juice be strong and give full efficacy. Drugs with loose texture and thin and delicate flavor do not need to cook for too long; but the grass with large quality and large body should be stirred frequently to make it easy to fry the medicine.

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