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Traditional Chinese medicine interpretation of 3 types of fatty constitutional weight loss

Traditional Chinese medicine has a set of theory for weight loss, and believes that most of the female obesity is related to metabolism. Three categories of constitution are particularly easy to cause obesity, namely edema, liver stagnation and stagnation type and stomach fire. They can be called “three giants in the fat women”. Below we will open a prescription for Chinese medicine for these three kinds of fat physics to teach you how to lose weight.

1. Fire prosperous type

Features: It feels easy to be hungry, with bad breath, taste, broken mouth, prone to acne and constipation.

Stomach fire can easily lead to poor peristalsis of the stomach and cause indigestion. Some people have poor gastrointestinal function in the system or poor living habits, and the digestive tract function is not good. One of the hidden worries.

Food supplements: Spicy, greasy foods and fruits are acidic. Eating too much can easily cause stomach fire. Therefore, the diet should be maintained as light -flavor as much as possible. You can take more traditional Chinese medicine drinking.

Qingxin medicine tea

Materials: lotus leaves, hawthorn, white grains

Method: Boil water at 2000c.c and boil for about 15 minutes.

Role: Improve the symptoms caused by stomach fire.

There are many reasons for the stomach fire. Most of them are because they eat too much stimulating food, staying up late, and the pressure is too great. In addition to taking medicine, it is more important to quit bad. living habit.

2, qi stagnation

Features: It is depressed and moody, leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction, poor sleep quality, and vulnerable to physical problems.

The crisis of liver stagnation and stagnation type is related to spiritual emotions. This type of fat eyebrows usually have emotional reactions such as emotional instability, boring mood or irritability. Due to indirectly affecting gastrointestinal function, overeating or anorexia may occur, which makes the body appear up and down unstable.

Food supplementary prescription: you can drink more flower tea that helps to calm down to help stabilize your mind.

Shu Poly Pressing Flower Tea

Materials: Lavender, Bodhi leaves, chamomile

Method: Drink tea on the same day after brewing at 2000c.c.

Function: Has relief and tension, sedative nerves, eliminating fatigue, helping sleep …

Destiny: When you feel heavy pressure, you can talk about it in a timely manner; you often go to Samsung in the suburbs during holidays, allowing Finando to take away the irritability in his heart.

3, edema type

Features: Favorite cold and heavy foods; easy to dry mouth, more secretions, and edema in the lower body.

Edema -type obesity means that the water in the body cannot be metabolized normally, causing too much water to hoard in the body, and the circulation is relatively hindered and obese.

For edema -type fat eyebrows, as long as edema is eliminated, obesity problems can be improved. In fact, the edema body is closely related to poor metabolism in the body.

Diet prescription: try to maintain a light taste diet, do not take too much moisture before going to bed.

Exercise prescription: Because the lymphatic system in the blood cannot play the function of “removing wastewater” normally, you are round. Make more lymphatic stretching exercises to discharge the water accumulated in the body.

· Big back muscle stretching movement

1. Straighten your hands behind each other, your palms are inward, and your upper body will not move.

2. Slowly raise your arms upwards, stretch your shoulders backwards, stay for 5 seconds before replying.

2 groups repeat 10 times.

· Abdominal stretching health exercises

1. Sit on both legs, hold your hands on the top of your head, bend to the left and right, so that the side waist is obviously pulled.

2. Put down your hands, open your legs, lower your body forward, until the minimum limit, and relax after 5 seconds.

2 groups repeat 5 times.

(Editor in charge: Yan Yufang)

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