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Traditional Chinese medicine reminder: Acupuncture to lose weight should beware of the five misunderstandings

Acupuncture to lose weight is the purpose of achieving weight loss through the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture method, acupuncture -related acupuncture points to adjust the body’s secretion function. Acupuncture weight loss has the advantages of relatively safe and reliable, painless, no side effects, simple treatment methods.

Modern medicine believes that simplicity obesity is accompanied by endocrine disorders, and various hormones, especially insulin, sex hormones, adrenal corticosteroids and other abnormalities, which can condition endocrine through acupuncture to make it normal. On the other hand, the analysis of the dialectical analysis of the internal organs of Chinese medicine is mainly related to the function of the three internal organs of the liver, spleen and kidney. The acupuncture can be regulated to regulate the viscera and restore the function of the liver, spleen and kidney.

Acupuncture and weight loss are commonly used in Liangqiu, Gongsun, and Neiguan acupoints. It is better for young and middle -aged obese people aged 20 to 50.

In the process of acupuncture weight loss treatment, anorexia, thirst, and increased number of urine may occur. These are normal phenomena. Because of acupuncture treatment, the internal function of the body is constantly adjusted, prompting metabolism to accelerate, energy consumption, and some clinical symptoms. When the body is re -established, these symptoms will disappear.

At present, some people have five major misunderstandings about acupuncture to lose weight:

The effect is visible daily: weight loss is not weight loss, but fat reduction, and acupuncture to lose weight. The more weighing the standard, the more fat content, the more obvious the effect of acupuncture to lose weight. Some people are not overweight, so the effect of weight loss is not so obvious. The effect of weight loss is also related to whether to lose weight throughout the body. Some local weight loss, such as abdominal weight loss, the effect is obvious but the weight loss is not obvious. Any method of weight loss must be gradually adjusted, and everyone’s response to acupuncture is different, which requires continuous treatment.

The more acupuncture, the better: acupuncture requires professional knowledge. There are more than a dozen acupoints that are really effective in weight loss. Too much is not only invalid, but the error of choosing acupoints may cause bad consequences.

Acupuncture is prone to infection: acupuncture for acupuncture is very small. For the skin, the general acupuncture is very small trauma. Normal people’s body repair is generally fast. Unless it is an embedded needle (one of the ear acupuncture) Pay attention to avoiding water, other bodies have little effect on daily life, and bathing and swimming are not a problem.

You cannot wash your hair when you stick the ear needles: you do not wash your hair when you stick the ear needle, but you should pay attention not to wet your ears as much as possible. The reason why the average ear needle cannot be wet is afraid of the adhesive tape to lose sticky. If it is embedded, you need to avoid water, so you can try to put on the earlore and then wash your hair.

Acupuncture to lose weight once and for all: Acupuncture weight loss is a adjustment of the body. It is necessary to establish a new state in repeated treatment and continuous strengthening. Doctors suggest that they generally need to adhere to dense and intensity treatment of more than three months (especially obese, it takes half a year to one year). Normal level.

(Editor in charge: Yan Yufang)

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