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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Take Point Point Point to lose weight

The principle of blade needle weight loss

Blade needle weight loss is the development of acupuncture therapy and needle knife therapy. Blade needle weight loss is an extension and breakthrough in the development of Chinese medicine beauty weight loss. In the past, acupuncture weight loss method was used to acupuncture acupuncture acupuncture acupuncture points. Zhou’s blade needle weight loss therapy was based on the individual differences, different symptoms, and different causes of obesity. Bladder meridians, foot sun spleen meridians, and Renmai), use the special operation method of blade needle to adjust the endocrine, nervous system and metabolism in the body through acupoints to achieve weight loss. This set of weight loss methods has a certain scientific nature. Through traditional Chinese medicine, the acupuncture points are used to regulate the spleen and stomach, sparse the meridians, regulate qi and blood, and minus excess fat. The weight loss effect is exact. The weight and size decrease at the same time without any side effects, and at the same time, it can also regulate other diseases caused by obesity.

Principles of the treatment of blade needle weight loss

Distinguish virtual and fat, and take acupoint treatment due to person.

The characteristics of the blade needle to lose weight

1. Save time: only 3 minutes each time.

2. Good curative effect: can destroy and break down excess fat cells in time, reduce the accumulation of fat, and inhibit the synthesis of fat cells. It is especially not refractory obesity, drug weight loss immune, beer belly, local obesity and multiple weight loss effects. The best effect has a good effect. Each course of treatment can be reduced by at least 8-10 catties, and the effect of obvious effects is more than 30 pounds.

3. Fast results: Treatment once is a sense of relaxed or decreased in the abdomen at a time, especially the adjustment speed of appetite suppression and menstruation.

4. Good shaping: Slimming and shaping in one step.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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