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Trailer | 2022 China Oncology Conference (CCO) is about to open

From November 17th to 20th, 2022, hosted by the China Anti-Cancer Association, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, Zhejiang Anti-Cancer Association, Zhejiang Cancer Foundation, and China Institute of Integrated Medicine Development Strategic Research Institute 2022 China Oncology Conference (CCO ) It will arrive in Hangzhou as scheduled.



The CCO Conference adheres to the theme of “tumor prevention and control, winning in integration”. It is an ideological stream of ideas, experience, and technology. It is a mainstream, theme, and forward -looking splash. The speaker, hundreds of thousands of medical workers, tens of millions of publics and patients, together with the event.

This conference will organize more than 150 academic venues, focusing on the theme, focusing on cutting -edge viewpoints such as tumor integrated medical, precision medicine, and transformation medicine. At that time, the well -known academicians in the Chinese medical community and the leaders of various professional disciplines in China will attend the meeting, focus on anti -cancer and anti -cancer plan, share cutting -edge information, discuss the latest strategies, explore future trends, and dedicate a lot of science and technology workers to the majority of tumor fields to not tolerate Missing academic feast.

In order to facilitate the timely, systematically, and comprehensively viewing the relevant information of the conference, the client of the China Anti -Cancer Association opened the topic page of the 2022 China Cancer Conference. The specific functions are as follows:

1. [Screen query]

According to the main venue/theme venue/special committee branch venue/new special committee venue/popular science activity/flag transfer ceremony, you can enter the corresponding section to view the schedule of each venue.

2. [Branch columns]

Entering the club column, you can screen the corresponding venue according to the meeting date; click on the right side of the venue to navigate the venue.

3. [Wall Pao display]

Provide online learning, exchanges, and display platforms for the majority of tumor medical workers. This section supports the screening of related academic journals in accordance with the number/author/title, and the functions of articles, comments, and reposting functions!

4. 【CCO News】

Check the latest and most comprehensive information reports of CCO.

5. [Conference Website]

2022 CCO’s most comprehensive information guide, including: meeting schedule, conference registration, hotel accommodation, venue map, credit collection and other windows.

For more information about the conference, please download the client of the China Anti -Cancer Association. We welcome experts and medical workers to pay attention to it!

(Text/Figure: 2022 Organizer of China Oncology Conference)

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