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Treatment and care of concealment penis

By the age of 10, the penis has begun to develop. But what makes Xiaowei’s mother worry is that the 12 -year -old Xiaowei’s penis is very short. Mom took her child to the hospital for urology. The doctor said that the child was suffering from a concealed penis, commonly known as “screw chicken”, and the penis shrank into the skin like a screw. The hospital performed surgery for Xiaowei, and the child’s penis returned to normal.

Hidden penis is not a real little penis

Experts say that in fact, hidden penis is not a real small penis. Because it is buried under the skin, the penis is very short from the appearance, which is more common in small fat pier.

The foreskin mouth of the concealed penis is short from the root of the penis, the back of the foreskin is short, and the abdomen is long. Penis body. The patient’s penis is not significantly different from normal people, but often combines foreskin stenosis. It has an obvious characteristic that when the penis is pulled or erected, it can highlight the surface, and it quickly retracts back to its original position after relaxation. Infants and young children often have urinary lines that cannot be shot forward and splashed under their feet; adults can affect sexual function.

Try to avoid walking and cycling within three months after the operation

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For hidden penis, correction can be performed and the penis is relieved. Wei Gaoyi reminded that it should be noted after surgery: within three months, try to avoid walking, cycling, sexual stimulation, etc., do not hold urine, avoid the healing of the wound due to repeated erection of the penis; It is forbidden to scratch, and scrubbed it after urination to prevent local infection; the sedative agent can be taken appropriately before going to bed 2 to March after surgery, and some estrogen can be taken in the short term to prevent the penis erection of pain and bleeding.

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