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Treatment of contact dermatitis requires both internal and external repair

Contact dermatitis is an inflammatory response that occurs in the skin and mucosa due to exposure to external substances, such as chemical fiber clothing, cosmetics, drugs, etc. However, there are university questions for the treatment of contact dermatitis, and the right medicine is the most critical.

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Treatment of contact dermatitis requires both internal and external repair

Acute contact dermatitis

Internal treatment: Patients such as severe extensive allergic contact dermatitis or polymorphic erythema -like hair rash need to be treated with adrenal glucocorticoids. itch.

External treatment: Damage to acute eczema, such as blisters and exudation. It can be wet in physiological saline, Burow (aluminate), boric acid or 1: 10000 potassium permanganate liquid. Mild blister -free damage can be coated with adrenal corticosteroids. If the necrotic skin lesions of chemical burns should be cleaned carefully, and then apply antibacterial ointment. In severe cases, the skin needs to be removed to reduce the scar.

Subacute contact dermatitis

External treatment method: Topotraulin glucose corticosteroids should be removed first. The treatment of subacute contact dermatitis is mainly for external adrenal glucocorticoids. Choosing hormones is very knowledgeable. From the perspective, adrenal glucocorticoids are divided into four categories: inefficient, medium -efficiency, efficient, and powerful. Efficiency such as hydrogenation is often used on the face and wrinkles; high efficiency is as more than Micatsone, mainly used in the hands and feet.

Powerful, such as propionic acid chlorine, is mainly used in hand, foot -to -footed and keratinized skin lesions. It should be noted that the effectiveness of hormones is not only related to the type of hormone, but also related to its concentration dosage form. If the hydrogenation is low -efficiency under low concentration, it becomes efficient when high concentration or adding seepage agent. Carefully choose the dosage format of adrenal glucocorticoids to reduce side effects. If the wrinkles are used in the cream, the hair area is a washing agent or a cream, and the chronic drying, thick, and keratinized damage is used for ointment and hard ointment.

Chronic contact dermatitis

Some contact dermatitis will develop into chronic and last for a long time. This is mostly due to the stimulus factors in the environment and the fact that the transformation can not be completely removed and its skin barrier function is damaged. Treatment mainly uses external adrenal corticosteroids. Keep in mind that the primary method of treating chronic contact dermatitis is to remove the cause. If the cause cannot be found, the pathogenic factor is removed, and the strong treatment will be lost.

Contact urticaria

After removing the cause, contact urticaria caused by the immune mechanism can be treated with anti -group amine drugs; the contact urticaria of non -immune mechanism is mainly treated with adrenal glucocorticoids and non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs.

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