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Treatment of diabetic renal anemia

If anemia occurs in patients with diabetic nephropathy, red blood cells are usually treated for treatment.

Patients will cause anemia due to lack of red blood cells.Moreover, patients with diabetic nephropathy, the bloodmaking function in the bone marrow will also decrease, the quality of red blood cells produced is very poor, the normal red blood cell life is 120 days, and the survival time of red blood cells will not exceed 120 days, and the toxins in the urine will be on the red blood cells.Cause damage, resulting in a decline in red blood cells.In addition, patients are often possibly pumping for blood, which may have anemia.At this time, you need to use red blood cells to produce, and then use iron.

If the iron deficiency is serious, you need to perform venous iron.Patients with folic acid and B12 must also supplement folic acid and B12.

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