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Treatment of foreskin is too long and easy to step into the misunderstanding

Excessive foreskin is a common problem with orrology, and the foreskin is too long and easily induced. Therefore, the foreskin must be checked as soon as possible. However, many people have misunderstandings about excessive foreskin treatment, which must be avoided. Below, we and experts know the common treatment misunderstandings of the foreskin for long foreskin.

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Commonly long foreskin cure misunderstandings

Foreskin long common treatment misunderstandings 1: Children should cut foreskin as soon as they are born, and can be done once and for all.

It is completely unnecessary for a child to perform foreskin surgery at all. Because most newborn and infants’ foreskin and penis heads will be slightly adhered. By the age of 1, this adhesion will gradually disappear, and the foreskin and penile head will naturally be separated. Therefore abnormal. When the child is seven or eight years old, parents should consciously turn him out of the foreskin, which will not only help the foreskin growth, but also promote the development of genitals.

The commonly used treatment misunderstanding of the foreskin 2: Even if it does not necessarily need to be cut, there is no disadvantage of the foreskin.

This statement is wrong. First of all, although the puzzle surgery is a small operation, after all, it is surgery and there will be certain risks. Once the doctor’s skills are not in place, it may also have serious consequences. Second, the foreskin plays an important role in the “masturbation” process of unmarried men. Sloping up the foreskin to stimulate the penis to achieve pleasure.

If the foreskin is cut off, it will inevitably affect the “masturbation”; again, when the same room with the spouse, the ups and downs of the foreskin can stimulate the vagina and help evoke the orgasm of women.

Foreskin is too common treatment misunderstanding 3: The foreskin grows if it grows.

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Not all foreskin needs to be removed. The following cases need to cut foreskin in clinical practice: phimosis patients and foreskin who cannot be completely out of foreskin are too long. Usually when cleaning the penis There is a great harm to the health of yourself and your partner, and it also affects normal sexual life. It requires surgical resection.

Some people who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases or penis may hide under the foreskin, affect the treatment, and need to cut foreskin; there are also some people’s foreskin for too long, resulting in difficulty in urination, deformation of the urethral opening, and even affecting the development of the glans.

In short, you must pay attention to avoiding long foreskin to avoid long common treatment misunderstandings and recover health early.

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