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Treatment of pediatric asthma, Chinese medicine and western medicine “each have magical powers”

In our lives, pediatric asthma is not a rare disease. There are quite a lot of causes of pediatric asthma. With the continuous development of medical technology, there are more treatment methods for pediatric asthma. Both Western medicine and Chinese medicine have certain treatment methods and treatment claims. Regarding the treatment of pediatric asthma, how does Chinese medicine and western medicine show their magical powers?

Treatment of pediatric asthma, there are methods for Chinese medicine and western medicine!

Western medicine treatment of pediatric asthma: mainly immunotherapy

1. Immunotherapy

In the treatment of pediatric asthma, Western medicine mainly uses immunotherapy. Immunotherapy can be divided into a specific desensitization department and non -specific immunotherapy. In recent years, there have been various methods such as permanent parabald seedlings, thymus peptides, nucleic cheese, bronchitis seedlings, and measles vaccines, as well as placental lipid polysaccharides such as placental asthma treatment. The treatment of these methods is mainly the stimulation of the physical function of the child, which enhances the proliferation of lymphocytes to produce non -specific IGG, and then improve the immune function of the child.

2. Desenside treatment

Desenside treatment is also a way to mention western medicine in the treatment of asthma. This treatment method is mainly for exogenous asthma. Under normal circumstances, the treatment time of desensitization is two to three years. Although the time is relatively long, desensitization therapy has a better treatment effect on patients with allergens in a single allergen.

Chinese medicine treatment of pediatric asthma: a variety of types of traditional Chinese medicine

For pediatric asthma, Chinese medicine also has many treatment methods.

First, you can use ephedra powder, rhubarb powder, and coriander shells to be developed into a powder and packed into the capsule for later use. The dosage used at each time depends on the condition to determine the condition. It is more applicable to patients with phlegm, hot, cough and asthma.

Second, use Dilong Research into fine powder and take orally. During the asthma attack, the dragon fine powder after the grinding ground has a good sedative effect.

In addition, Agarwood and Plague leaves are also “heroes” of asthma. Researching agarwood and pipe -side leaves into fine powder, swallowing before sleeping, which can relieve the occurrence of asthma at night.

What is the way to treat pediatric asthma? TCM western medicine has its own strengths. I believe everyone is no stranger to pediatric asthma. When children have asthma, parents are very anxious, but there are many treatments now, so they don’t have to be too anxious. There are also many immunotherapy, desensitization therapy, and Chinese medicine in Western medicine. In the end, it is necessary to remind them that all the drug usage must be obeyed strictly, and the doctor’s suggestion must be recovered as soon as possible.

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