True beauty health 10 hidden dangers

For modern female friends, thinness is a kind of beauty. However, if you are too thin, it will bring you a disease!

1. anemia

Those who are too thin generally have the problem of uneven nutritional intake. Iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and other hematopoietic substances themselves are insufficient; because they eat less, the basic metabolic rate is lower than ordinary people. Therefore Less, affect the absorption of nutrients. These are the main causes of anemia.

In addition, malnutrition is reduced in physical immunity, and secondary anemia is prone to occur.

2, hematuria

Our kidneys are wrapped in a dense connective tissue. For those who are too thin, the fat content in the body is insufficient, resulting in the looseness of this connective tissue and weakening my muscle, and it cannot provide the kidneys to provide external muscle protection. Therefore, the kidneys are prone to sagging and causing internal venous blood exudation, hematuria, and often accompanied by waist soreness.

3. Twelve -finger intestines stagnation

You may not be familiar with this disease, but your thinness may be the culprit. The horizontal segment of the duodenum is located behind the peritoneum and is the most fixed part of the digestive tract. For those who are too thin, their intestinal membrane and posterior peritoneal fat are scarce, and their internal organs sag downy. The gaps between the near -end part of the spine and the upper end of the intestinal membrane are invisible, resulting in compression of the duodenum. So it was difficult to digest, showing abdominal fullness and discomfort, accompanied by pain or vomiting after meals. The vomit contains bile and food, and the symptoms are intermittently repeated.

4. Memory decline

The main motivation of the brain work comes from fat. It can stimulate the brain, accelerate the ability of the brain to process information, and enhance short -term and long -term memory. Insufficient fat intake and storage in the body, lack of nutritional nutrition, this nutritional lack of nutrition will cause severe brain cells and will directly affect memory, so we become more and more forgetful.

5, hair loss

The main component of human beings is a trace element such as protein and zinc, iron, and copper that is called fish. For those who are too thin in their bodies, their body fat and protein are insufficient, so the hair is frequently falling off, and the hair color gradually loses its luster.

6. Stomach sagging

Don’t envy the female colleague who is always full as soon as you eat, a few sips of rice can cope with a lunch, only she understands how big her stomach is to be tortured every day: loss of appetite, always always Feeling flatulence and pain. If you do a painful gastroscopy for this, the diagnosis may be: stomach sag. Yes, when the human body is too thin, the abdominal wall of the body is relaxed and the abdominal muscles are weak, resulting in muscles and ligaments in the position of suspension and gastric stomach, and the abdominal pressure decreases. Therefore Caused stomach sagging.

7, gallstone

Our bile is secreted by the liver, which contains cholesterol, gallbladder salt, calcium and lecithin, which maintain a certain proportion. People who are too thin generally insufficient heat intake, so the fat that precipitated in the body tissue accelerates consumption, and cholesterol also moves, which leads to the increase in the content of the bile, the bile becomes viscous, the crystallization is described and the precipitation is settled to form stones Essence

If you add irregular diet, reduce bile secretion in the body, weakness of gallbladder contraction, and cannot be emptied in time, it is easier to form stones, and severe cases will also cause peritonitis and cholecystitis.

8. Uterine dangling

Without the protection of sufficient amount of fat, the uterus is easy to decrease from the vagina from the normal position, the cervix droop, and even take off the vaginal mouth, forming the uterine prolapse of us talked about color change. Cervicitis.

9. Infertility

Medical experts point out that women’s body fat percentage must reach at least 17%in order to maintain normal menstrual cycle and sexual desire level. This is also the lowest fat standard for them to be healthy, childbirth and breastfeeding in the future. Because adipose tissue can transform the raw material provided by adrenal cortex into estrogen, which is an important place for estrogen except the ovaries in the body. Excessive fat in the body, estrogen synthesis and its concentration level in the blood will be affected, resulting in an insufficient state, and this level is one of the key standards that affect women’s fertility.

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10, osteoporosis

The recent investigation of 3683 women in the United States found that the incidence of fractures of thin female hip fractures is more than twice as much as a standard weight. This is because of the insufficient level of estrogen in the human body, which affects the combination of calcium and bone, and cannot maintain normal bone density. Therefore, osteoporosis and fractures are prone to occur.

(Editor in charge: Han Huan Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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