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Try these food supplements with sore waist and leg soreness

Many elderly people will be sore with their waist and legs without paying attention. Experts explain that this is because people are old, their bodies are weak, their bones are crispy, and their joints degenerate. The qi and blood are not running smoothly and pain.

Secondly, because the sun is insufficient and the amount of exercise is reduced, this is an important cause of osteoporosis. Muscle cramps and skeletal pain may be that the bone mass of our body is inadequate, and calcium is needed.

In order to avoid the pain of the waist and legs, we can eat more calcium supplement foods, such as milk, sesame sauce, soy products, kelp and other foods, which are high. They are better ingredients for calcium supplementation. In addition to the calcium supplement, when the sun comes out, when the wind is relatively small, choose to go out and walk, do a little exercise, let the body sweat slightly, let us take the blood in the whole body to move around Metabolism and re -enable skeletal muscles.

Finally, I recommend these food therapy prescriptions for everyone, so try to do it:

Eucommiahkawa Broken Booth Pork Ribs

Materials: 12 grams each of Eucommia, Sichuan Broken, Cybal Polymination

Method: Soak all the materials for one day in advance, add 500 grams of pork ribs for two hours, or fry the three medicinal materials, or soak them with three materials.

Efficacy: Liver and kidney, strong bones and bones, suitable for kidney deficiency, waist and leg pain, weakness, weakness, osteoporosis.

Raw sunbats and peach meat pot lean broth

Materials: 100 grams each of raw sunbathing, walnut, red dates, 500 grams of lean meat

Method: Soak the raw and sunbath in advance, put in the right amount of walnut, red dates, ginger, wine, cinnamon, cumin, peppercorns, and cook all the ingredients for two hours, sweet and salty.

Efficacy: For lumbar muscle strain for kidney deficiency and wind and dampness, waist and leg discomfort or osteoporosis, when the wind is cold and heavy.

Kidney deficiency and bone soup

Materials: 9 grams of antlers, 12 grams of Codonopsis, 6 grams of Sichuanwu, 30 grams of Ninja Winter Vine

Method: Soak all materials first, fried water

Efficacy: It is used for cold waist and legs, especially suitable for sciatica.

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